How To Promote Your Event On Facebook?

I have promoted many events on Facebook. The events have ranged from parties to concerts so I have plenty of experience and I can help you get the response that you are wanting for your event.

Start by having the event laid out, such as dates, times, venues, prices, address, map, etc. Reader of Facebook like visual because since Facebook as appeared the reader sees dozens and dozens of pictures daily. They like them. You notice this from all the likes and sharing going on Facebook.

Next, you will need to log onto your Facebook account, You can use your personal, but if this is for a business then log on as your business. It matters because some business have hundreds more friends than some individuals, and if you don’t want to annoy your personal friend then take this step.

At the top left of your newsfeed page, you will find your picture. Below that is a list of your favorites. The events button is usually the third down on the left. Click on this link. On this page, you will find all the events that you have been invited to, plus some local events that paid Facebook to promote. These is where you let your friends know if you are attending their event or not. At the top right of this page, you should see a box that has “create event” and a calendar box. Click on create event.

There will be a pop up box. In the first text field of this box, you will type in the name of the event.

The next field, you will add details Be very descriptive because the more that people know about the event then it easier for them to make a decision. Now the next field is great. You can let Facebook log in the address and map for you. This makes it so easy for everyone that you invite to find where they are going without looking it up themselves. The next 2 fields are for the date and times. Finally click on the gray button at the bottom. This will help you decide if you want to invite just your friends or make it public so others can view it on their event page. Beside this gray bar is a pull down that let you allow guest to invite friends and a view of the guest list.

Just click the create bar or button (it is the blue bar) on the bottom. This will take you to your event page. Look it over and make sure that it is right. You should add your picture now. You do this by clicking the picture area at the top left. A black bar will appear on the top right of the number 31. Click the black bar that read add event photo. Another box will pop up with a bar that reads choose file. Do this and scan your computer to find the picture for your event. It has to be a digital photo that is on your computer. When you find your picture, click on it once and click at the bottom of the box, the word open. This will automatically add your picture.

Now click on the box in the upper right that reads invite friends. You will see another box with all your friends Facebook links. Click and place a check in the box next to their picture. You can click on multiple friends now. After you have click all that you want to send invitations to, then click save. Your friends will be invited. If you miss anyone then you can go back later and invite them.

There is a edit bar that you can use anytime before your event and change whatever that you need to change. That is in case the address or date is moved. The button with the wheel symbol is for you to edit the host, cancel the event, add more event photos, turn off notifications, and export event. Exporting your event allows you to send it your email so you can send it to friend that are outside of Facebook.

Also if you are to go onto other sites like, or reverbnation then there is a way to link your Facebook event to these sites.

Another step that I take is telling my friends to invite their list also. Some of them will do this for you. My friend list has 1370 people but If I add my husbands and my daughter and several of my other friends then I can have thousands of invites. Don’t be surprise that only a few agree to go on Facebook. It is usually less than 10 percent that will come. You might get some negative feedback as well from some that don’t like spamming so next time don’t invited them. No matter what type of turn out that you get, it can be worth it to do this specially if you are in business because the more time that people see your business name then the better the change of them coming to your place of business.

Good luck with your event and remember to invite me.

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