How To: Reddit for New Users

Reddit has become one of the biggest user driven sites that the internet has seen. Millions and millions of people are logged on all of the time to see what is new and current in the world we live in. Reddit can be a great source for news and current events seeing as a person can post a link within seconds of something happening, you can be the first to see it! But Reddit is a very cluttered site due to the amount of content that it gets all of the time, links are posted every second! It is very difficult for a person to navigate this site if they are unfamiliar with the lingo, the use of sub-Reddit’s, and the like and dislike buttons. This article is here to help the new Reddit user to navigate through this glorious site.

Reddit Lingo:

Reddit has many different words and acronyms that might get people confused on what they are reading but this section is here to help you with that.

AMA : AMA’s stand for “ask me anything”. People will post these links and say what they are involved in, like their line of work or experience in a certain field.The AMA link is a column that will let people ask questions and the person hosting the AMA can answer questions. For example: the famous scientist, Bill Nye, did an AMA earlier in the year, he posted a link and it said “AMA, I am Bill Nye the Science Guy”. People would see this link and click on it, go to the column and ask a question that they had, maybe they would as him about what he does as hobbies, what is his favorite food, etc. Or others could ask more serious questions that are more suited for a scientist of Bill Nye’s status.

[Fresh] : Fresh in square brackets is usually what you will see posted with something that is brand new. It will mainly be associated with music links, for example, “[Fresh] Kid Cudi – King Wizard” this would let a user know that this link is brand new and it is a Kid Cudi song called King Wizard.

HHH: HHH is used to stand the for the sub-Reddit “Hip Hop Heads” this sub-Reddit is a very popular and is used if a link has anything to do with Hip-Hop.

NSFW: NSFW is used when the content that you are going to view is not publicly appropriate. Whether it be of sexual nature or of just something that is not publicly accepted. NSFW actually stands for ‘Not Safe For Work” meaning that do not view this at work if you do not want to get fired or judged.

That is just some of the most common lingo found on Reddit. If there are others that you cannot understand, if you search the acronym with “reddit meaning” you should have no problem finding a meaning.


Sub-Reddit’s are where people are able to subscribe to a Sub-Reddit and get the link to that Sub-Reddit page on the dashboard at the top of the user’s homepage. Sub-Reddit’s contain content posted by users that only have to do with the Sub-Reddit. For Example: if you subscribe to the Hip Hop Heads Sub-Reddit you will see “Hip Hop Heads” on the dashboard at the top of your home page and you can click on that and go to the Sub-Reddit where all of the content there will have to do with hip-hop. There are millions and millions of Sub-Reddit’s, on topics like, hip-hop, cooking, dancing, photography, running, writing, blogging, drugs, etc.


The Like/Dislike feature on Reddit gives people the ability to see what is the highest liked links on the internet. Whether you are on the main Reddit homepage or on a Sub-Reddit you will be able to like and dislike a link by clicking either the “up arrow” or the “down arrow” to the left of the link. If a link is liked enough it will be boosted to the front page where everyone on Reddit can see it and enjoy it. If a link is disliked enough it will never see the front page of the home screen or any Sub-Reddit.

Reddit is quite an amazing site, you have the ability to have news delivered to you in a matter of minutes within the news happening. It is astonishing. I hope that this article was helpful with you learning how to navigate through Reddit as well as understand the unlimited potential that this site has. I personally use this site for many different things, the main purpose of the site for me is to find out about old and new music. I subscribe to the Hip Hop Heads as well as the Electronic Music Sub-Reddit’s which allow me to find out about new and current music. I hope that you can find your own purpose on the site!

Keep it classy internet,

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