How to Set Up a Hosting Account

If you want to make money online the first thing you’ll need to know how to do is actually getting your site hosted. Setting up your website and hosting account are both very easy. In fact, they are much easier than you would think if you are expecting something difficult and technical. This should only take you a few minutes and you’ll soon have a website up and running that you can use to share your thoughts, make money or do anything else with.

Buying the Domain

Some web hosts also function as domain registrars, but there are a good number of hosting companies that don’t have the authority or ability to sell domain names. This isn’t a bad thing. The truth is that most people get their hosting and domains from two different companies. If you bought your domain from your host, then you can skip the rest of this step and go onto the third step. If not, then continue reading.

Buying a domain is very easy. Find a suitable domain registrar so that you can register your name. For once, quality isn’t a major concern here. Just look for a company with cheap prices. Type in your domain name and see if it’s available. If you are trying to make a domain from one or two words without hyphens, then you might need to try several variations before you find an available name.

Once you find a good name, then just pay for it and the domain is yours.

Pointing the Nameservers

This sounds incredibly complex, but it’s quite simple. This basically means that you are connecting your hosting account and domain so that they can function as one unit. You can transfer the domain to your host, but this takes several weeks and it often costs money. Pointing the nameservers is easy, cheap and it’ll only take a few seconds.

The first thing you need to do is find your host’s nameserver. This is usually and, but they can be different. Either check the host’s site for this, or contact a representative for this information. If the latter, then you should get the names within a day or two.

Sign into the domain registrar’s website and find the page that contains your domains. If you have more than one domain, then select the domain that you want to add to your hosting account. You should see a button labeled as “Manage DNS,” “Nameservers” or “DNS.” Click this button.

There will be several blank forms. Copy and paste the host’s nameserver information and save the chances. Your domain and host are now connected.

Setup CMS

This is also exceedingly easy. Sign into your host and then go to your script installer. It should be either “Simple Scripts” or “Fantastico,” but it might be under a different name. You should then choose the domain that you want to add a CMS to and enter both a username and password for yourself.

Select the CMS that you want to use. The most popular is WordPress, but Drupal and Joomla are also widely recognized as being leaders in the CMS world. Click “Install” and you now have a CMS that will allow you to easily make and edit posts without changing the website’s HTML.

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