How to Set up a Wireless Router

Wireless routers are no longer incredibly difficult to set up in your own home and even the most non-technical people can do it.  You will want to find an affordable wireless router, not an access point, to install and it is possible to find good used ones on eBay.  Linksys is a good brand and they are fairly easy to set up while providing adequate coverage for your house.

To install the router, plug in the power to the router and then attach an Ethernet cord that comes straight from the wall or cable converter.  This will be the main line that powers the wireless router.  Most routers also have several hubs that will allow you to attach another Ethernet cable straight to a computer, which is convenient for stationary desktop computers and as an internet backup.  Next, install the software that came with the router on your main computer, normally the desktop that is hard wired from the router.  Go through each step until the router software has been completed and you have set up all the passwords.  If you do not have the software, you can find a version to download from the Linksys website.

Your wireless network should now be complete, so all you have to do is test it with a laptop computer.  Open your network connection dialog box and your network should appear there.  Enter your password and click connect, and you are online!  If you have problems setting up your router, there are many resources online that can help troubleshoot specific problems.  It is possible to hire a professional to install your wireless router so that you don’t even have to bother with all the details but they can be expensive.  Hiring a professional is a good idea for bigger houses or businesses where a more complex system is needed or when security may be an issue.

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