How To Tips on Starting a Cleaning Business

Have you noticed your Community Bulletin Boards full of notices for Cleaning services.  It gives the impression that starting a cleaning business is easy. However, that’s far from the truth.

Whats True

1. It appears easy, because it requires minimum start-up capital and most people believe anyone can clean.

2. Cleaning for others is not the same as cleaning your home. There are different sstandards of cleanliness and different methods for commercial cleaning..

3. What you use for cleaning your house, i.e. chemicals and equipment, is not adequate for many cleaning tasks.

4. Depending on where you live, there are environmental requirements to uphold, such as no dumping of gray water on the ground and the maintaining of MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheets. These sheets are made available for public viewing when requested. They’re product notices provided by the manufacturer explaining the chemical make-up of the product and how it’s to be used. It also lists safety hazards and other important data.

Getting Started

First of all, there is more to about the business that can be said in one article . This article is not a complete How To but, an overview that will help you get started on the right track.

1. Decide on what type of cleaning you will do. Concentrate on what you can do best, such as light office cleaning or house cleaning.  When starting out, don’t try to be the jack of all cleaning.  For example there are services that are specialized, such as stripping and resealing floors.  If you don’t have the expertise, leave it to someone else, or sub-contract it out.

2. Get your Hepatitis Series, inoculations, especially if you’ll be cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, doctor’s office, clinics, etc. Actually I recommend getting the shots despite what your cleaning. The shots are three in total. You receive one at a time, over a period of a few months. If you are a diabetic, or have any autoimmune problems, the shot is a must, However, speak to your doctor first.

3. Keep your head above water.  Please, do not attempt to professionally clean a carpet with a store rental machine. They put out too much water, and lack sufficient suction for water removal. Plus, there’s more involved in cleaning a carpet than squirting and sucking solution.

3. Get liability Insurance  General liability for office cleaning is usually inexpensive.

4. Do your homework by researching and studying methods of cleaning. Don Asslet, a Cleaning Guru, cleaning business owner, and author offers how-to books and videos and more on his website.  His books are used by The U.S. Navy, major corporations and the general public.. Mr.Asslet  is also a nationally known speaker on cleaning. He is unique in presenting information, usually in a comical way.  You can learn a great deal from this man, simply google his name.

Use The Internet

The Internet levels the playing field for the little guy.  There are cleaning forums, where you can ask questions, discuss problems and gather valuable information.  Research, read and learn, knowledge is power in anything you do.  The internet offers you the ability to compare and gather information on equipment, cleaning processes and reliable suppliers.  Many suppliers offer additional training on their products, equipment or services.

4. Learn how to prepare an estimate if you are going after any office cleaning. Many companies require a bid and contract. Take care in noting, who is providing the toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap and trash bags. My recommendation is to have the client provide these products. Saves you a lot of headaches.

5. Pricing your work seems easy for small jobs however, an office of 6,000 square feet is another matter. How many bathrooms are to be cleaned? Is there a Kitchen or break area? As, these take more of your time to clean. Furthermore, determine the frequency required for dusting office furniture, blinds, etc. Dusting is another time consumer. You can charge, by the square foot, the job, or based on your time. Do investigate methods for estimating time and compare them to your figures. My experience has shown me that some models don’t run true. Obviously, if you can do something in less time than normal, you profit more.  You may even attempt to practice on how long it takes you to clean a bathroom, or vacuum and dust a specific size area.  Note:  Dust before you vacuum, starting from the top and working down.

Somethings To Remember

1. Do not attempt to clean large high windows without INSURANCE, please note, that your liability insurance will skyrocket for window cleaners.  This is a job for someone experienced.

2. What Happens when your sick?  Cleaning is labor intensive, the contract requires performance whether you healthy or not.  Consider if you want time off, do you have a reliable back up person.  Good help is hard to come by, as it is not very desirable work.

3. While your household vacuum may get you started for less money, their motors tend to burn out with constant use. A commercial model offers a heavy-duty motor, but comes with a higher price tag.

Professional Image

Dress neatly and be well groomed.  Answer your phone with your business name.  Never let a child answer your business phone. Use business cards from a printer, not from your computer.  You may be a one man operation, but give the impression of a professional business, it speaks about who you are.


Don’t become discouraged from Starting a cleaning business because of the amount of other cleaners in operation. Many are unprofessional and offer poor service. Some will attempt to get volume customers by low pricing. They’re then forced to cut the quality of their performance. These folks eventually drop by the wayside. Concentrate on offering a fair price for quality professional work. Know your craft and you will stand out above the crowd.

Never  lower your pricing simply for the sake of getting work. Clients who demand low and cheap over quality service at a fair price will be a pain in your neck. You’ll regret doing business with them. Make your niche, quality work, and you will profit in the long run.

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