How to Track Inventory for Free

If you are a small business owner looking for a way to track your inventory, there are several tools that you can use that will help make your life easier.  First, you can download several free applications for your smart phone that will allow you to scan bar codes.  Once scanned, the app will tell you exactly what the product is and where you can buy it close by.  This can be handy for determining what exactly is in all of your boxes and can streamline the ordering process when you are running low on merchandise.  It is also an easier way to keep track of your inventory because it allows you to quickly email the barcode information to yourself in electronic format, so there is no need to hand write every description.

In addition to reading existing bar codes, you can generate, print, and label your own merchandise with a personalized set of bar codes.  This will help keep track of all your products as they move in and out of your storage.  If you need more information than the standard bar code holds, use a q-code to hold up to 150 characters of information.  Download free apps to print and read your codes to help you stay organized.  Q-codes are also a great way to engage your fans and clients in an interactive marketing method.

Bar codes are a good way to covertly convey a lot of information to your clients or employees because it serves as a type of code.  Free bar code applications are a great  tool that require no investment and are powerful enough to be used in small businesses.  Another benefit is that most people these days have a type of smart phone, making the technology readily accessible to everyone without needing to buy expensive bar code readers.

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