How to Upload Images on Pinterest

In order to take hold of a good feed of a contributor who is popular on pinterest, simply go to the dashboard and see pins that are popular. Thereafter just verify a few usernames of the pin submitters’ on pinterest and search for users who have at least a minimum of thousand followers to their credit.  Any user on pinterest having no less than thousand followers is an indication that they are pinning images on a regular basis. This, they may be doing in order to increase their own followers base on pinterest as well as their boards on pinterest.

When you are pleased with the user you have chosen, you can click on their feed button. The feed button can be easily identified under the user’s profile image. On your clipboard copy the URL of their feed. Thereafter go to your Feedburner account on Google and paste the feed URL from your clipboard into the Feedburner of Google. This will create your feed. You can also copy and paste this new feed URL into your MS word or notepad for ubsequent use. Next is the exciting part i.e the auto-population of your blog with images from the feed of the pinterest user who is popular.

You have to use a software tool for this purpose.  If you use software tool, it will download the pictures from the Feedburner feed automatically and post the same to your blog at specified times. Inside the software, however, you will have to add a new blog and then enter your username as well as password to that account. To post the images, if you select the Blog of, you have to enter the FTP settings as well for your hosting account. Incase you have not done it already; you can incorporate a folder named pinterest on your server.

This will enable the images stored there in order.  As a final point you have to add your personal post which should be scheduled between thirty minutes and one hour. This will schedule the posts from the feed on your blog because of which the posts will look natural. Subsequently add a new feed under your blog in the software and copy and paste the Feedburner URL into the correct box. You have to select the button of ‘full-text feed no extraction required’ under the caption feed extraction. Select ‘NO’ located next to the post link back to original articles.

This you can easily do from the feed option by clicking on the advanced settings tab. At last delete everything manually below article-content and click to save the changes made. Now you can yourself manually select and update all feeds and also select all the appropriate images from the feed that you may want to upload to your blog. On the other hand you can set a timer in software itself so that it will update feeds automatically and post the images to your blog every few hours as per the time set. Don’t be too insistent with the timer.

Also you have to be alert and vigilant. Posting a lot of times on some blogs, especially blogger blog may lead to your blog being banned. At last here is the more unique part of the method. A new service has been formed in the recent past and it is called pinerly dot com. This service helps you to follow as well as unfollow users on Pinterest. This service also locates popular pins. Above all, it schedules pins to post to your boards on pinterest. Really speaking, pinerly is an important part to this method. The service is in the invitation stage currently.

However you can get full access if you can refer just five people to their new service. The new serviceoffered by pinerly dot com allows you to generate and schedule timing of the pins from your feeds on to your boards on pinterest. As a result just by taking your blog feed URL and posting it to the timer on pinerly will pin your blogs images automatically to any of your boards on pinterest. It will in turn create more and more interest on your pinterest boards. Likewise, it will also create repins, likes, and eventually clickthroughs to your blog.

Please remember that your blog images on pinterest have the possiblility of going viral and this is what is in fact incredible about this method. Actually you can see users pin any of the many images from your blogs to a board that is popular on pinterest with lots and lots of followers. This is of course after visiting your blog from an image posted on Pinterest. This may result in hundreds of visits per day to your blog and dollars in Adsense income in a day or two just from that one image on pinterest.  Thus this method really has the prospective to make you a good income.

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