How to Use CPA Networks to Make Money Online

I’m sure everyone has searched for “how to make money online” before and it will bring up millions of results with websites enticing you to buy their product in order to make money using their new system.  The bottom line is that a large majority of these websites will never make you earn money and are simply using your desire to make money….to make money!  Be very wary of any program or product that requires you to buy something in order to make money, since these are mostly just scams trying to take your hard earned cash.  Instead of combing the internet looking for get rich quick schemes (which you won’t find any that actually work), try a few proven ways to make money without spending a dime.  Writing articles, selling your skills, selling products, and blogging are all legitimate ways to earn money, but using a CPA network may be one of the most lucrative ways to make good money in a shorter amount of time.  It is not easy and it does have to be treated as a job, but it is possible to bring in an income as an affiliate marketer for a CPA network.

First off, CPA stands for Cost Per Action and these networks will pay you every time you send a qualified visitor to their website and they complete an action.  Traditional affiliate programs will give you a commission of every sale you make, and some people can make a lot of money on the 50% to 75% commissions they generate through Clickbank sales.  The problem is that many people are unable to close many deals and end up spending their time and money just trying to get traffic to the affiliate pages.  CPA networks can benefit you because they will pay you simply when the person puts in their email or zip code on the first page, regardless of if they actually buy anything later.  Almost everyone would be willing to fill in their zip code in order to find out more about a special offer, but how many people will pull out their credit card to buy a $49.99 product?

CPA networks have a wide range of offers that will pay you anywhere from $0.50 to enter a zip code to $200 to fill in a more detailed questionnaire.  The payout may be smaller than the $80 per sale you might receive at traditional affiliate networks, but you will be able to have a much higher conversion rate with CPA offers and this will add up.  Let’s take a look at a quick example of how this can work.  Say you are able to send 1,000 targeted visitors to any affiliate link for $100 and on a traditional affiliate link you will make a 1% conversion rate, or 10 visitors, at $25 each.  That means that you brought in $250 and made a profit of $150.  Not bad, but let’s see what would happen with the same traffic with a CPA offer.  You find a CPA offer that pays $6.50 every time someone puts in their name and email address and send the same 1,000 visitors to the link.  This time, you get a 10% conversion rate because the offer is so tempting and easy to complete.  That means that 100 people filled out the form and you just made $650 dollars, with a total profit of $550!  Now imagine how much profit you could make if the conversion rate was higher, and it is completely possible to attain much higher rates with highly targeted traffic.

There are many CPA networks that you can apply to become a member of and they will help you reach your earning’s goals.  CPAway, NeverBlue, and OfferVault are some great places to get started finding CPA offers for you to promote.  Once you have signed up for a network, be sure to check out the offers in your niche that have the proper specifications.  Each offer will have stipulations that can limit the type of traffic and how you can promote their link.  Some offers only want USA traffic or you can’t use email marketing or you can’t bid on certain PPC keywords.  These networks have sophisticated tracking software that will know if you do not follow the rules, so make sure to read all the fine print carefully before promoting a campaign and getting your account banned.

If you have some money to invest and know how to us PPC marketing, it is possible to set up a campaign that will allow you to buy targeted visitors to your affiliate link that converts very well.  This method is not recommended for new affiliates since you may lose money trying to test out the best keywords against other professionals.  Another great way of making CPA sales is to create your own blog or website and promote the product on it.  If you have an established blog with a decent amount of traffic, putting your related affiliate link on the site could be enough to bring in several hundred dollars of additional income per month.  No matter how you decide to promote your affiliate links, you can start earning a steady income by using lesser known CPA networks.

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