How to Use Email Marketing To Make a Profit

Email marketing is a great tool for advertisers because it can quickly reach a large audience and generate great results.  To be successful, an email marketing campaign should only be used if you have an email list of over several thousand.  It is possible to get results with smaller lists, but you will have a much better chance with larger lists.  If you do not have your own email list, you can propose a joint venture with someone who does.

Reach out to other successful marketers who have a large email list composed on double opt-in leads.  It is important to not spam these emails, so make sure the marketer has some history with the list and that every lead has agreed to receive emails.  It is also good to make sure that the email niche fits the niche of the product that you are trying to sell, otherwise you may have a very low success rate.  In order to use other people’s large email lists, you will want to provide the list owner with an incentive.  A good way of doing this is to split the profit of all sales from the email campaign.  You will win because you can rapidly sell a large number of products and the list owner will win because they simply had to send out one email and do nothing else.

It is possible to find companies that will rent a large list to you for marketing purposes, but you will have to determine if this is the best course of action for you.  Often times, these companies do not have a direct relationship with the email accounts and it can be viewed as spamming even if they have opted-in.  Some people have had great success using these companies, but you may want to use a more personal email list that someone has built up naturally over time.

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