How to Use Social Networking to Promote a Brand

Advertising and promoting a business or brand can be difficult to master but is crucial for success.  There is a wide variety of ways to promote your products both offline and online, but using social networking may be one of the most effective, and cheapest, way of marketing.  Utilizing social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin can be a great way of spreading the word about your business why spending absolutely nothing in advertising.

No matter what you are trying to sell, social networking can be extremely effective when done correctly.  Too often, you see Facebook fan pages for businesses that are stark and boring and have only a handful of followers.  Not only is this giving the wrong impression to people who avidly use Facebook, but that business is missing out on a ton of free advertising and sales that they could be making from natural traffic.  Social networking only requires some time and creativity, but it can help to dramatically grow your business when done correctly.

In addition to normal businesses, social network marketing can be used for a wide variety of brands and products.  Music artists and producers already know the power of social media and have had great success using these networks.  It is no coincidence that Taylor Swift, Adele, and Justin Bieber each top the ranks of top selling artists and they have millions of followers in their social networks.  Social networking is great for personal brands, not only musicians but also athletes, consultants, and performers.  It can be used with great success to promote a special cause and raise money, making it possible to reach millions of people very quickly.  Both small and large businesses have found that they can equally impress and interact with thousands of people almost instantly and that the viral effect of social media is very powerful

You can look at some of the most successful people and companies in the world and will find that they have a very strong social networking presence.  If you are serious about expanding your business or promoting your brand, study how these people use social media and se some of their methods.  You will find that they are constantly updating all of their sites, they use a variety of social media, and they use links, photos, and videos to capture people’s attention.  Here is just a short list of some powerful brands using Facebook and Twitter:

  • Lance Armstrong- 2 million Facebook likes, 3 million Twitter followers
  • Adele- 20 million Facebook likes, 4 million Twitter followers
  • Barack Obama- 25 million Facebook likes, 13 million Twitter followers
  • Taylor Swift- 29 million Facebook likes, 11 million Twitter followers
  • Lady Gaga- 48 million Facebook likes, 19 million Twitter followers

No matter what you are selling, if it is yourself, a clothing line, a tech product, or a service, you will benefit from using social networking as your primary promotion tool.  In this article, we will take an in-depth look at how to correctly use social media marketing to get the most amount of traffic to your website and make the most profit.

What is Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a term that is used a lot to describe a specific type of marketing that is often associated with social networking.  It is when a certain advertisement or quote or video is shared rapidly between friends and spreads to that a large amount of people become aware of it in a short amount of time.  It is viral in the fact that you may only need to do a small amount of advertising for it to begin spreading, but with then take off by itself.  The idea is that as the advertiser, you will tweet or share a video or link on your social media platforms and this will show up on the feeds of the majority of your followers and fans.  The fans then like the content enough to share it with their friends, who then share it with their friends.  You can start to see how such a pyramid effect can quickly multiple the reach of your advertising.

Viral marketing may seem like an easy concept, but it is difficult to actually use on a daily basis.  Many companies work for months, if not years, trying to come up with unique content that will go viral.  Other people come up with one hit that will make them instantly famous but will then fade out over time because they fail to come up with more hits.  A brand cannot simply take a picture or make a video, post it online, and expect it to go viral and reach millions of people.  The content has to be original and not seen anywhere else on the internet, and it has to have the power to either amaze people or make them laugh.

Viral content can be anything, but the most successful have often been videos.  Youtube has millions of visitors every day and the top videos also receive millions of views every day.  If you can create a video that is very popular, that is almost the equivalent of the power of placing your ad in the Superbowl… except you don’t have to pay millions of dollars to reach that kind of audience.  People like visual content and videos are a great way to incorporate sight and sound into one package.  Some marketers have had success using pictures or websites to send a message and make it go viral, but it may be easier to create a video that will become a hit.  Since all videos you create will not have the power to get millions of hits, you can create a wide variety of videos that each get thousands of hits and still do very well in marketing.

For those of you still skeptical as to the power of viral marketing, here is an example to demonstrate the effects.  As a new brand, you are looking to reach a lot of people and get your message out.  You work on increasing your following and after a couple weeks you have 100 people who are your fans on Facebook.  You create a funny video with your logo and link to your site and post in on Facebook, which is then shared on a percentage of your fan’s wall.  Since it is not automatically shared with every fan, let’s say that only 50% of the people see it and 50% of those click on the link to your website.  This means that 50 people will watch the video and 25 will actually visit your website after watching the video.  But, we have not taken into account the viral effect of social networking.  Let’s say that those 25 people who clicked on your link also liked it enough to share it with their friends, which each have another 100 friends.  If only 25% of the people share your content, suddenly 625 people have visited your site.  If they each share it again with their friends, 390,625 people will visit your site.  These are only rough numbers, but you can see how they can rapidly jump when something is shared among friends.

Now, think about if you have 10,000 followers, or 20 million, like some of the more prominent celebrities.  Not only are they reaching hundreds of thousands of people with their initial post or tweet, but their content will be shared among friends multiple times until millions of people have seen it.  This is the bottom line of why you should include social media marketing in your advertising…because it is an extremely effective way to reach millions of people without spending a dime.

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

There is a variety of social networking media sites that you can use to help build your fan base, but Facebook and Twitter are the two biggest platforms that you will want to include.  The first step will be to build a Facebook Fan Page for your business or brand.  If you do not already have a Facebook personal profile, you will need to sign up and fill out your personal information.  Facebook is set up with a personal side, with profiles for individual people, and fan pages, which is tailored for causes, businesses, and brands.  Once you create a personal profile, you will be able to make a fan page and become the admin for it so you can control every aspect.  It is also easy to add other admins to the page so that other people can control the content.

While setting up your Facebook fan page, be sure to fill out as many of the fields as possible and make an accurate description of your brand.  This will serve as the basic keywords that will help you get indexed and found, to make sure to include your targeted keywords.  Include your contact information and multiple links to your main website, since this will make it easier for people to find.  The next step will be to create a profile picture that will capture people’s attention and convey more information about your brand.  You can pick any picture to use and they will scale and crop it to fit as a thumbnail, but make sure it positively represents your brand.

Many people do not realize that the profile picture can be larger than just a small square.  In fact, a fan page picture can be as large as 540 pixels by 180 pixels, which allow the Facebook profile picture to look more like a banner than just a simple picture.  It is fine to use just a normal picture on your personal profile, but any business or brand should take advantage of the extra space that is provided to you.  This will allow you to put a picture, or collage of pictures, along with your brand’s name and even a little caption.

Learning to use Photoshop is a great way to improve your marketing and general appearance while branding your company.  It will allow you to create advertising banners, your logo, and background images to be used on your social networking sites.  If you do not have the patience or artistic eye to create your own banners, it is possible to hire freelancers who can do the work for you at a low cost.  Another alternative to using Photoshop is GIMP, since it is free software that is just as powerful as the paid version of Photoshop.  Get comfortable with cropping photos, adding layers and special effects, and adding text captions to banners, and you will be able to deliver eye-catching photos to attract attention to your websites.

Once you have uploaded your Facebook profile picture and added your basic information, you will need to start adding content to the site to make it look more professional.  Social networks are very visual, so you will want to add some pictures with relevant captions and titles.  This will give your fans something to look at when they visit your page and can help lead them to your main website.  Also, start posting some relevant content on the wall to get people interested in your brand.  If you have new articles on your website that you just published, post a link to them on your Facebook page so they get more exposure.  You can also link to other websites that provide relevant information or write short tips or ideas for people.  If you have any videos, you can upload them to Facebook and have more people see them.

Once you have cleaned up the Facebook page and added some content, you can start trying to attract “likes”.  Facebook likes are a measure of the page’s popularity and acts as a bookmark for followers.  By liking your page, they will receive updates on the news feed whenever you add something new to your business fan page.  It is not guaranteed that they will see the update, but there is a much higher chance of them seeing your content if they “like” your page.  Therefore, it makes sense to try to get as many followers or likes as possible in order to reach a large amount of people with less effort.  This is easier than it sounds, since generally only interested people will like a page.  While this can make getting followers a bit tougher, it also means that the majority of the people who like your page are actually interested in your products or services.

There are a few ways that can increase your amount of Facebook followers naturally and they include being active on the social site so that you become more visible.  This can mean commenting on other people’s photos and posts, or asking other members questions.  Get creative while trying to interact with people, but make sure not to spam other pages with your links.  Another good way of attracting followers is to hold some type of competition that will force people to like your page in order to enter.  If you have an attractive prize, it is possible to get quite a few likes in a short period of time.  You can also create a gated page that will only display certain information to people who are fans of your page.  Another way to get likes is to simply ask people to like your page, and many times this can be quite effective.

If you would like to build your likes quickly, you can buy fans from certain suppliers.  This is not natural and many of the fans will not be interested in your services, but it can be an easy way to make your fan page look more active.  It is often difficult to get the first couple dozen or hundred likes, so you can pay people to like it.  Once you have more fans, people will be more inclined to like your page naturally due to the pack mentality.  There are also some websites that provide fan exchanges so that you can get people to like your pages in return for liking someone else’s.  This can be an effective way to build up your fan base without spending any money.

Once you have established your basic Facebook page, you can add more features and tabs to make it stand out.  There are several programs, such as static IFRAME, that will allow you to create extra tabs on your fan page.   These will show up along the left side of the navigation bar and can include features such as polls, links, a home page, contests, or ads.  At the very least, you can create a custom landing page that will make your page look more attractive when visitors first find your site.  You can set it so that, by default, they will go to your landing page and then they can navigate to the wall and photo areas.  This is a great way to get people’s attention since you can put photos, videos, and a call to action to like your page.  If you do not know basic HTML to code a custom landing page, there are a few programs that will do it for you or you can hire someone to design it.

How to Create a Twitter Account

After you make your Facebook fan page, you will want to create a Twitter account for your brand.  Twitter is different from Facebook in the fact that it limits your posts, or tweets, to just 140 characters and you can provide a lot less information at one time.  This does not mean it is less effective, because you can still get your point across in a very concise manner.  It is possible to share links, videos, and photos, to be sure to take advantage of all of these aspects at some point.

Twitter allows you to create a profile specifically for your brand or business, so you just have to sign up and fill out your basic information.  Pick a name and Twitter handle that will be easy for people to remember and represents your brand.  This will be how people primarily find you, so make sure you use proper keywords.  The final step is to add in a couple lines describing your brand or company and include a link to your main website in your profile description.  This will be shown at the top of your profile and will be an easy way for people to navigate to your money-making website.  Once you confirm your email address, you are now set up to begin tweeting.

Before you begin launching your Twitter page, you can customize it a bit further to make it look more attractive.   Upload a profile picture that will be used as your thumbnail, but you will notice that this is very small and is not very effective for marketing.  The only other aspect of your page that you can change is your background, so you will want to make a custom background that represents your brand.  Certain templates have to be used because there are special locations that the side banners have appear otherwise they will not show around the central news feed.  This can be complicated further by the fact that computers have different screen resolutions that alter the way Twitter looks on the screen.  In order to make sure that your banners are visible on both sides of the news feed, use a twitter background template when designing your background.  As with any branding, make sure to use the same features you have included on your other websites so that the colors, logo and taglines remain constant throughout your social networking campaign.

You can begin using Twitter by sending out a few tweets with some basic information and links to your website.  Then, start to find followers who would be interested in your content.  Many times, if you follow someone, they will follow you back if they find you interesting.  Search for people who have the same interests as your niche so that they are more targeted and are more likely to buy whatever you are selling.  When following other people, avoid following too many other companies since they are unlikely to follow you at first.  It is more likely that individual people who share your interests will decide to follow you.  Also, be aware that if you follow several thousand people but only have 2 followers, your account might be suspended until you get the two numbers closer together.

Like Facebook, you can buy Twitter followers or use an exchange system that will allow you to earn points to get followers.  This can be helpful in building up your fan base and making other people interested in your site.  Sites such as Twiends even allow you to target your interests, which make your followers more valuable since they are interested in your niche.

Twitter allows you to tag both individual people and interests in your tweets, which will help reach a broader audience.  If you use the @ symbol followed by a person’s name, it will tag an individual person in your post and an email will be sent to them informing them that you included them in your post.  This not only serves to notify the person of your post, but will allow it to show up on their wall for their followers to see, which effectively broadens your relevant audience since they most likely have similar interests.  It also gives the person the chance to “retweet” your tweet so that all of their followers will see it on their news feed.

Using the # symbol serves to tag a keyword for your tweet so that all similar keywords can be grouped together.  For example, if you search for #seo, it will return everyone who has been talking about seo recently.  This is a powerful tool because many people browse categories looking for interesting tweets, so you will be found by a relevant audience if you tag your posts.  If you are tweeting about posting  a new article about web design, make sure to not only include the link to the article but a tag for #webdesign.  If specific people are involved, don’t forget to tag them as well with an @ symbol.  It is best practice to always tag at least one person or subject in every tweet in order to gain more visibility within the community.

Like all social networking sites, you will get the best advantage by using it regularly and multiple times a day.  The more active you are, the better your site will look and more interest you will receive.  Keep in mind what time you are tweeting too, since you may find better responses by posting at various times of the day.  Most people have to work during the middle of the day and may not have access to their computers until the evening, so you may want to time your posts with the natural spike in web traffic.  Of course, if you have followers from around the world this does not exactly work since there are multiple time zones.  You may also notice that some people post the same tweet multiple times throughout the day and this is to compensate for different times that people are online.  If someone misses a tweet early in the day, sending out a similar tweet in the afternoon may catch them. You’ve done the work posting a new tweet or article, so you might as well get the full worth out of it.  A slight variation on this technique is to tweet similar posts several days in a row at different times so that you can make a bigger impression on your audience.

It is also worth noting that most people do not buy a product or serve the first time they see an advertisement or website.  They want to research it, think about, and come back later after they have thought about the investment, especially when it is a high priced object.  If you are only able to send out one tweet or make one impression on someone, they are much less likely to actual convert to a sale and make you profit.  To overcome this hurdle, you need to constantly remind people of your products so that eventually they come back to make the sale.  The same concept is applied across the entire social media network because someone will be more inclined to buy a product if they see your brand cropping up in multiple places online.

To make your posting and updating even easier, you can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that whatever you post on one site will be posted on the other as well.  There are also other websites, such as, that allow you to link multiple social networking sites to one dashboard so that with one click you can post the same message and link to over 20 different websites.  It is also possible to schedule posts in the future so you can do the work now and then forget it until a later time, knowing that your posts will reach your audience on time and without a problem.  This is a great way to speed up and automatic your social media content when you need to send constant updates.

How to Create a Youtube Account

Youtube is another great social media networking website that allows you to share a specific type of media with other people…videos.  Like the other sites, you can sign up for free and create a free profile. Make sure to use a descriptive name that matches your main website and uses your keywords.  Add a description and a link to your main site in the profile section to make it look more attractive and improve the search engine optimization.  Creating your account is very simple and will only take a few minutes before you can start uploading videos.

Creating a video can be as simple as making a few slides of text and looping them together into a video format with some background music.  This can be effective if you would like to relay some basic information without spending a lot of time or money on presentation.   Yu can also record video from a webcam and most computers have one built in, making it very easy to generate your own video. You can download royalty free music from the internet that is safe for use on Youtube.  Make sure not to use copyrighted material or songs in any of your videos because it may cause your video to be taken down or even your account to be banned.  The more time you spend on your videos, the better they will look and more people will be interested, so don’t hesitate to take a little extra time or spend a little extra money perfecting the video.  Like we said before, the best videos can go viral and spread your message very rapidly.

After you have created a video, you can upload it to Youtube to share it with the community.  Enter a unique title and description for the video and choose the right category for it to be listed.  This will improve its chances of getting found as people browse through videos.  You can include a link to your website in the description of the video, but think about putting it towards the top of the description.  The current format of Youtube is to have a description box that only shows the top half and unrolls when a user clicks on it.  In order to get people’s attention and make sure they notice your links, try to position it towards the top.

After you post a video, be sure to cross post on your other social media sites so that more people will become aware of it.  You can easily post a quick status update with the link to your Youtube video, and can even embed it into Facebook pages so they don’t even have to leave your page.  Using an updating site like can be an easy way to spread the word across all of your social platforms.

Finally, Youtube is a social community even if it does not look like one on the outside.  People have the ability to like, comment, and flag videos while interacting with each other.  If people like your videos enough, they will recommend them to their friends and this is a very powerful type of marketing.  In order to get the most advantage out of Youtube, be sure to use all the features of the site, including networking with other people in your niche.  Try to comment on other people’s videos and rate them higher if you like them.  Ask for feedback from other people and just generally be active on the site.  This will encourage people to come watch your videos and will help spread your content much farther.

How to Use Other Social Media Networks to Improve Sales

There are a variety of other social networks that can be just as effective and should be used in conjunction with Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook and Twitter are the two biggest competitors in the social networking market, but any other smaller communities will allow you to better target your followers.  Linkedin is a good website that will allow you to connect with other professionals and sell yourself.  This is important if you are promoting a company because it shows that you are a real person and can be trusted.  If you are an athlete or musician or someone trying to promote yourself, Linkedin also exposes you to new people and a greater market.  Since Linkedin is a social network designed for professionals, it can help showcase your skills and past experience, which makes you more credible in the eyes of the general public.  If you are starting a small business or brand, you can add it to the Linkedin network as a company, but you should also add yourself with your own separate profile.  Don’t be afraid to use your real name and experience on both your social networking sites and on your business website, since this will help build credibility and put people to ease.

One great downside of working online or owning an online business is that it is much easier to take advantage of people and there is a higher prevalence of scams since they do not have to interact with people face to face.  This obviously hurts consumers by taking their money and some people lose thousands of dollars to the best scam artists on the internet.  Scams can also hurt legitimate businesses because people are more wary and try to take less risk, meaning they may not buy a product if it does not seem legitimate, even if it is completely safe and real.  In order to compensate for this hesitancy to buy products and services online, companies and brands have to work harder to win over the general public.  An excellent way of creating a positive public image is to create a great reputation and then have people refer their friends and family.  The best advertising comes from people referring their friends, so using social networks is an ideal way to spread the word about your brand.

Another way to making your business look more legitimate is to be open about your business practices and who you are.  Add an “About Us” section to your website to give a complete overview of the brand and include specific people who run the business.  If you are a small company, include a picture and name of the founder and anyone else who helps keep things running.  You can include links to their social media sites so that people can become a fan or follow them, improving your brand’s visibility and legitimacy.  It also allows people to look up your name and see that a real person does exist and that your company is not being run by some shady group of people operating from another country. Utilizing social media sites is a great way to add legitimacy and improve your sales.

A great benefit of using social networking is that it creates multiple backlinks and new websites that will be indexed in search engines using your name and keywords.  This means a greater web presence and much higher likelihood of getting found, equating to more sales.  For example, you just started a new business and did a good job getting ranked on Google with your business name.  When you type in your name, you are the first result and then there are 20,000 other results that have nothing to do with your company.  Now, you set up a Facebook page, Twitter account, Linkedin account, and Youtube account using your same business name and keywords.  You check back a couple days later with Google and suddenly you have six or seven of the first ten slots with your various social media sites.  This dives more business for you because no matter what they click on the search engine results, they will eventually be channeled straight back to your main website.  As you include more bookmarks and social sites, you can eventually dominate the first couple pages of the search engine for your keyword.  It also helps to improve your ranking security since you are no longer relying on only on website.  If you suffer a temporary problem with your main website, it could cause you to slip down to second or third position in the search engines, but your other sites will remain the same or get bumped up to first place, allow you to retain your traffic.

Other Social Networking Sites to Include

In addition to the biggest players in the social networking arena, you may want to include a variety of other communities that can help target visitors to your website.  Myspace is a large social site that continues to have millions of visitors every day, even if it has not remained as popular as it was a few years ago.  Myspace tends to have a younger audience and many people are just looking to socialize, but it has become a great platform for musicians and artists looking to gain a following.  It has great features that allow users to easily share their music and express themselves to a large amount of people.  Myspace users can share photos, post comments, and interact with people from around the world, making it a great way to reach many people.  Unlike Facebook, Myspace allows businesses and bands to create their own profile page and you do not need to have a personal page.  Just like other social networking sites, it is possible to make a unique profile page and customize your content to fit your brand.  When you set up your Myspace page, be sure to create a background indicative of your brand and include relevant pictures and logos.  Once again, this will create further branding across all of your social sites and will help to make you more recognizable.

There are a variety of other smaller social networking sites that you can include in your campaign.  They can include Plurk, Yahoo, Tumblr,, and FriendFeed.  For many of these smaller sites, you can post updates using or other sites that allow you to post messages across multiple platforms to save time.  You can find an extensive list of alternative social networking sites by searching for “top social media sites” and then sign up for them for free for more backlinks.  All of these social sites work similarly to Facebook and Twitter, which allow you to post updates and interact with other people who have similar interests.  Many of them have timelines or news feeds that allow all the users to see exactly what is happening in the rest of the community.  The more active you are, the more visible you will become in the community and the greater impact you will have.

How to Use Forums for Social Networking

Besides the normal format of social media sites, you can join forums as another way of improving your creditability, creating backlinks, and spreading the word about your brand.  For best results, research active forums that are in your niche and then sign up for them and become an active member.  If your business is about film reviews, you will want to find several forums that are related movies or reviews.  Create a profile and fill out all your personal information, making sure that you put a link to your website in your profile page.  You can also upload a profile picture and some forums will allow you to use your company logo.  Be sure to read the rules of the forum before you start posting since many of them have restrictions on how and where you can promote external websites.

The most effective way of advertising your website using forums is to create a signature line that will have a short description of your brand and a link to your website.  Every time you post on a forum it will show up as a tag line under the post and can be seen by anyone following the forum.  For very active forums, this can equate to several thousand impressions every week if you are an active member.  Being an active member means that you regularly contribute quality content to the forum and that you do not spam it.  You should never mention your own website in your posts, unless someone asks you directly about it, and the only way that people become aware of your site is through your signature line and profile page.  Contribute to forums and post real answers to people’s questions so that people come to respect your opinion and trust you.  This will lead to a stronger web presence and continue to strengthen the public opinion about your brand.

Forums are not the same as traditional social networking sites in the sense that there is not a central hub with updates coming straight from your profile.  They do allow you to customize your profile and set status updates, but there is not a news feed for everyone to see your latest comments.  They also do not usually use “friends” or “fans” or “followers” and everyone is lumped together into one community.  This can make it easy to communicate with a large group of people without having to go through the work of attracting followers to your page.  Although it may not be considered traditional social media marketing, definitely consider using forums as a way to interact with other people within your niche and to attract more traffic to your website.

How to Use Blogs as Social Media Marketing

Like forums, blogs can also be useful in building a community and expanding your web presence.  Websites such as Blogger and WordPress allow you to build a free blog to log your thoughts, but they can be much more powerful than just as way to record information.  These two sites have built in social sites that help to share new content between bloggers and functions as a type of news feed.  In order to tap into this largely unknown social networking site, sign up for an account in one or both of these sites.  You can create your own blog and start writing about topics related to your business or brand and this will attract attention in itself, but by having an account you will be able to much more easily interact with other people.  When you go to the homepage for either of these websites, it will show you high ranked blogs that are most popular and will allow you to explore other ones.  You can then search for other blogs that are related to your niche.

This is important in several ways: it will allow you to scope out your competition, allow you to form friendships and bonds with people in your niche who can promote your brand, and will help you create backlinks to increase traffic to your site.  The first step to achieving all of these is to find proper blogs that deal with your topic or niche and then read through them to get a feel for their articles.  Once you have read several posts and understand more about their blog, you can comment on their posts and leave them feedback.  This will encourage the other bloggers to visit your site, giving you more traffic and providing helpful feedback that can improve your website.  Occasionally, you can leave a link to your website in the blog comment as a way to create more relevant backlinks and traffic.  Again, be careful of using this method too extensively since it can be considered spam if you do not do it right.  Some blogs will not allow you to post links, so it may take a bit of research to find the best blogs to comment on.

If you stick with it, joining a blogging community and being active in it can help to improve your reputation and lend more credibility to your brand or business.  This is not as easy or as instant as other social media marketing methods, but can be quite effective in the long run.  It also serves to increase your backlinks and web presence with high quality content.

How to use Social Bookmarks

The last step in utilizing a social network for advertising your brand or business is to use social bookmarking sites to promote your articles and websites.  Social bookmark sites are websites designed to let people save URLs that they like and share them with other people in the bookmarking community.  The idea is that it will be easier for you to find the websites later, but also for other people to find new websites that might interest them.  They are a great way for people to explore their interests and find new websites without having to use traditional search engines.  Many social bookmarking sites also incorporate a ranking or popularity meter into the links so that people can see how many people like a particular website.  For example, if you visit Digg, you will find the most popular articles that have been submitted each day and people will vote on what they like the most.  If you submit an excellent article or webpage that thousands of people read and like, it is possible to get on the first page of the social bookmarking site which will give you a huge amount of exposure for your brand.

Some great social bookmarking sites to include are Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, Quora, Evernote, Folkd, Delicious, Diigo, and Google Bookmarks.  It is a good practice to sign up for each of these websites and bookmark each of your websites and new articles when you publish them online.  Use relevant titles and keywords as you create the bookmark and you will find you can increase traffic to your website.  Social bookmarks are a great way to improve your brand’s visibility on the internet, increase traffic to your website, and improve your search engine rankings by increasing your site’s popularity.

Social Networking Works

By using the tips outlined in this article, you will find that it is possible to launch your brand or business and take it to the next level by using social networking as your primary advertising method.  It is possible to become very successful without having to spend money and there are ways to cut down on the time required by using free tools found on the internet. If you do not think that social media networking works as a marketing method, just take a look at huge music artists, athletes, and small online businesses. Many of these brands started off very small but have grown exponentially due to their online marketing efforts.  Social networking will take some time in order to set up each media site correctly, but once you have optimized them, it will be well worth the time.  Gain a fan base, constantly strive to improve your following, and improve your online reputation by using social media websites.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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