How to Use Twitter for Your Business

Twitter is a microblogging social media platform that allows users to share content and engage one another through 140 characters or less. In recent times, business have jumped on board Twitter to use to help reach their audience, engage their most devout followers, build their brand and increase sales.

This article will share how to use Twitter in your own business along with additional tools and resources to get the most out of the social media platform.

Getting Started with Twitter

Getting started with Twitter is extremely simple and takes less than five minutes to set up a basic account.

Step 1: Create a Twitter Account

Visit and register for an account. The account you create should reflect your business or break down into the individuals which will be representing your brand on the social media service. Upload your logo or personal picture, fill in you profile, include a link to your website and you’re ready to go.

Step 2: Find and Connect with your Market

Scour through the Twitter Search feature to find people who are talking about items which relate to your business. Begin following people who are interested in what you have to say. Import your contacts using email and other social media platforms to find previous customers that may have a Twitter account.

Step 3: Share Content with People

Create and share content with people who follow you; talk to one another as if they were standing in front of you at your business. You are still in the early stages of connecting with your community so spend this time showing your value and authority in your industry. Share your best kept secrets, hold contests, start a local meet up, handle customer support or simply talk to people who may be interested in your brand.

Step 4: Engage with your Followers

Step up your engagement with your followers by directly contacting people. Find your customers on Twitter and consider offering them discounts. Encourage your followers to talk about your brand, share your information and provide feedback on how to improve the business. Build your relationships as if you were with a friend; start from the bottom by connecting with people and share incredible value until people trust you and find you authoritative.

Step 5: Build Relationships with Authority Figures

Expand your reach with others, within your market, that is considered authority figures. Create powerful relationships with these brand ambassadors; they will often be the ones that help spread your message the furthest. Give additional kickbacks to those that are the most loyal within your tribe.

In all, get active on Twitter. Don’t push heavily on the business side of social media at this time; this is the moment where you should be building great relationships with people.

How to use Twitter for Business

Twitter for business takes on a different form after you’ve begun to understand the basics and have control over how your brand uses the platform. Taking your Twitter usage to the next level by injecting your business practices and culture will begin to trickle in new opportunities to generate sales and build a stronger following.

Here are three different ways that you can begin using Twitter for your business:

  • Customer service – Twitter is great for customer service because you can be accepting to feedback in real-time. If there is a problem from your customer you an address the issue instead of hoping they contact you. Monitoring keywords that relate to your brand will let you gain a head start before there is fall out from an irate customer.
  • Update your community – Twitter can be used as a news aggregation source where the latest events, at your business, can be shared and discussed. If you have a new product release you can take to Twitter to let your followers know. Likewise, you can share new content from your business blog which increases your web traffic and may lead to new sales.
  • Collaborative efforts – Twitter can be used internally to collaborate your employees to keep them updated with one another. The interactions your employees have with one another can be seen by followers which show the human side of your business. Followers and employees can engage with one another for up-to-the-minute updates that can help guide your business toward a greater level of customer satisfaction and employee well-being.

In all, there’s no limit to what you can use Twitter for business. Twitter should be seen as a platform to connect; either to your followers, industry or within our company. The transparency of communication on Twitter helps creates a better connection between all parties; it can be an incredible tool to engage one another.

Twitter Tools and Resources

Twitter, at its core, is rather simple and can be restrictive when you begin to build a large following and need to keep in constant check with your community; which may include brand tracking. Luckily, there are many tools that improve the functionality of Twitter so you can get the most out of the service, including:

  • TweetDeck – Tweetdeck is an Adobe Air application that lets you create multiple windows for your Twitter account to track keywords, mentions, conversations and more.
  • – is a URL shortener which can help you track the amount of people who click through your links with their build in analytics backend.
  • TwitPic – Quickly upload and share pictures on Twitter using one of the most highly used photo sharing platforms for the microblogging service.
  • TwitVid – Upload and share quick videos with your followers without sending them to the larger websites like Youtube for Vimeo.
  • WeFollow – Find influential people with this index of Twitter followers; it’s a website which shows who are the movers and shakers in your industry.

There are thousands of additional applications, websites, services and tweaks you can apply to Twitter. Research and implement those which give you a greater flexibility and control over the platform so it works best for your business.


Twitter is a free social media platform that every business should be tapping into. There are millions of potential customers on the network. Likewise, you can see live trends begin to emerge on the social media service which could help swing your business toward incredible momentum to lead the market.

Twitter is a quickly becoming an essential tool for business; are you on board the revolution of business?

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