How to Use Your Time More Effectively

Are you using your time effectively? Do you reach your goals? Or do you engage in wheel-spinning acts? You can’t possibly achieve your goals if you use time poorly. Don’t believe the myth of time management. You can never truly manage or control time, because time proceeds continually, tick-tocking away independent of your sorry attempts to manage or control time. No, you can simply decide to use time effectively. This means engaging in goal-achieving, directed, focused acts throughout the course of your day to reach your goals in a minimal amount of time.

Resist the urge to rush, or plow through your daily tasks. This is a big mistake for when you rush you use force, and force always negates. The goal is to engage in effective acts, meaning each one of your acts helps you achieve more in less time. The goal is not to work more quickly, trying to accomplish more acts. For an example, let’s say you post advertisements to grow your online business. You can post ads to 120 groups on Facebook in one day, spending a large chunk of time, engaging in more acts, and receiving minimal results. Or you can write one keyword-rich blog post, share the post across multiple networks, and generate significantly more leads to your website in far less time. The latter is an example of an effective act, meaning you used your time more effectively. You might spend 2 hours posting your ads to Facebook groups to receive poor results, generating few leads. Or you can write one 400 word keyword-rich blog post and share across social networks. It might take you 40 minutes to do this and you will generate far more leads than if you spent hours posting mindlessly to Facebook groups.

The idea is to leverage your time. How can you reach a large audience in a minimal number of acts? How can you accomplish the most in the least amount of time? As you seek to use time more effectively you need to start thinking critically. You begin to analyze your acts, thinking through more effective strategies than your current approach. Intelligent acts count most. Analyze your daily tasks. Is there a better way? Can you achieve more in less time? Keep these ideas in mind to use time more effectively.

What steps can you take to use your time more effectively?

Live off the Clock

Time your tasks. Become fully aware of how much time you spend on any one task. Then, proceed to test. See how much time you spend doing certain things and analyze your returns. How much do you accomplish? How many leads do you generate, or how many sales do you generate, by spending a set amount of time doing certain things? You quickly see correlations between the nature and time spent on each act and the results you receive. The correlations become easier to spot as you analyze your acts with greater scrutiny. What’s at the heart of this analysis? The time element. You have a set amount of time to work with each day. You choose to spend time engaged in effective or ineffective acts. By timing your tasks you create order in your day and focus less on what you’re doing and more on how you’re doing it. This shift in thinking is preceded by adopting an orderly approach to your time, and timing your tasks provides you with the environment in which you can achieve this orderly level of thinking.


Analyze your tasks in great deal to gauge the effectiveness of your acts. For example, you might write 2 blog posts today in a set amount of time, and spend a few hours connecting on social networks. Observe how many opt-ins or subscribers you receive today on your list. Take the same approach tomorrow, and for the next few days. After a set period you can see whether your posting/socializing time ratio is effective or ineffective. You can see whether you are spending your time wisely or foolishly. You begin to see patterns and trends, all because you took the time to analyze what you are doing, how much time you spend on these tasks, and whether the time spent on these tasks yields fruitful results.

Few people analyze their day. Mindlessness runs rampant. People would rather trudge through their day in a state of mental hurry, rarely thinking through why they do what they do. This is why most people fail in most ventures. No analysis. No looking at themselves in the light of truth, attempting to find a better way to use their time effectively.

Using Time Effectively – Summary

Time your tasks. Observe how much time you spend on each work act daily to receive an idea of how you spend your time. Observe ratios. Maybe you spend a few hours on blogging and a few hours socializing on sites like Facebook and Twitter, if you run an online business. After you time these tasks begin to analyze your results. Focus on the details. Gauge how effectively you use your time. How many subscribers did you add to your list today? Develop a correlation between your results and the time you spent engaging in certain acts.

Is there a better way? Observe patterns over days and weeks. You can soon see the effectiveness of your acts, or more specifically, if you are using your time effectively. As you see the cause and effect analysis in all you do, you can begin to use your time more effectively.

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