How to Visually Optimize Your Website

Successful marketing online means capturing people’s attention and then converting them into useful traffic that will make you a profit, either by buying your product or service, or by clicking on your ads.  You might have the best product in the world, but if it is not visually attractive, you will not get much traffic and any traffic you do get will certainly not convert well.  This means low revenue and wasted time as you try to build your online business.  Avoid these mistakes by taking the time to develop a well thought out and attractive websites and marketing strategy.

It is true that search engines love quality content on websites and will reward your site for having lots of well written articles. If you compare two websites that both are in the same niche but one has 100 pages of quality articles and the other has only a few paragraphs, the one with 100 pages of content will always do much better in search engine rankings, or SERPs.  This will translate to improved traffic to the website, especially if it is ranked in the top three of the first page of Google.  Once you have achieved a ranking of being on the first page of search engines for your specific keywords, you should see a noticeable jump in your organic traffic, provided that people are interested in your keywords and are actively searching for them.

You would think that having a lot of traffic to your site would allow you to make money, but this is not always the case.  If you were to compare two websites that each rank on the first page of Google, the one that is more visually appealing will always make more money, even if it is ranked lower than the other.  The key is in the number of conversions, or percentage of people who are willing to buy your product or click on your ads that make you money.  By using an attractive website layout and colorful pictures, it is possible to entice your visitors to be more active on the site and buy your products.

When designing your website, it is important to think about aspects that visitors will first see and if they are attractive enough to keep them interested.  The background color of the website can play a role in this, and many professional web designers suggest that you use lighter colors instead of very dark ones. You may also want to stay away from extremely bright or loud colors for the background since it can overpower your visitors and make them less inclined to stay.  Using tiled or repeating pictures as your background can also be a turn off for some visitors.  For a safe and attractive web design, go with variations on the basic white, grey, or cream colors for the website background.

The header is also important because it is the first section of the website that is seen when you enter it.  This is the section along the top of the page and is usually above the navigation links.  It should include your logo and can include bright colors to attract their attention without completely overpowering the visitors. It is also smart to include your tagline in the header to help inform new people what your site is all about.  You can include relevant pictures in the header, but make sure they have been optimized for the web by using the best resolutions and are free from photographic errors.  Sometimes, the simplest headers with just a small logo and basic colors can be the most effective.

Next, look at how your website is set up and if it is easy to navigate throughout the site.  Include plenty of links that make it easy to find your content and include relevant pictures whenever possible.  Even if your site is a serious research article site, people still like to look at pictures and will keep them on your pages longer.  Incorporating the proper advertisements into the surrounding page will help them blend in and will be more profitable in the long run.

If you have some skills with photoshopping pictures, you can quickly create some good banners and logos that can be utilized throughout your site.  If you need to create a header, you can piece together several smaller photos into one big one that better represents your business.  For example, instead of including one simple photo of a person, you can create a collage that will diversify the header and make it more interesting.  Play around with different settings and backgrounds and you will be able to make much more interesting photos for your website.  This can be particularly handy if you do not have many photos that you can use for advertising but would like to diversify your portfolio.  Using a variety of handmade photos for your advertising is also a great way to get more attention to your website.  With the increased number of solutions online, anyone can make a simple website these days.  In order to stand out and make a profit, you will need to take the time to visually optimize your site to make it more attractive to your visitors.

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