How to Wake Up in the Morning Moving Toward Success Each Day

If you like to take one step toward success each day, first you have to think and realize that each day is a special day that something great and amazing will happen in it, and you get out of the bed to make it happen.

If you merely say that something great is going to happen, it means nothing. The important part is that you are going out and make it happen.

Dozens of great philosophers of this century have expounded the doctrine of positive thinking in different ways: “What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.” “The mind is the master weaver, not only of our inner being, but of our outer circumstances.” “We become what we think about.” “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you are right.” And, “Mind is the master sculptor and life is the clay we mold at will.” Also, “Success comes to those who are success—conscious.”

I enjoy reading these academic theories of life, but beautiful as they may sound and valuable as they are, they have no meaning alone. Most of them represent a mental attitude — a state of mind. Unless they have the element of determination and action injected into them they are just sterile clichés that produce no results.

Bill Gove tells the story of a certain so-called disciple of positive thinking who would get up each morning and give himself a pep talk as he took a shower. Then as he shaved he would say, “You can do it, old boy, you can do it. What the mind can conceive the body can achieve. You can be boss — even chairman of the board if you want to be.” The only trouble with him was that after be shaved the bum would go back to bed.

We’ve all heard the story of the two little boys who were a quarter of a mile from school when they heard the eight o’clock school bell start ringing. One, in his perplexity, sat down and started to pray. The other, in his distress, began the race of his life to get there. I don’t have to spell out the rest.

Yes, the most important part of our positive thinking is that we must be willing to support it with a positive action. Then we know, without a doubt, that something wonderful is going to happen that day — it can’t fail to happen.

As Sidney J. Harris expresses the idea so forcefully,

A thought that does not fulfill itself in some act, is not a full thought; just as an act that is not preceded by some thought is not a true act, but merely an agitation, an excitement, a spasm of movement. The two are inextricably linked together, making a whole.

A man of action would he a beast, not a man, if he excluded the act of thinking. And a man of thought would be a vegetable, not a man, if he refused to act on his thoughts.

Don’t wait another day to adopt an optimistic attitude toward life. Not only feel that something great is going to happen as you wake up, but keep that same feeling throughout the entire day. Then add determination to your thinking and feeling and your day will be complete.

We have so much to be happy and excited over in the adventure of life. For one thing, this is the first and only time we live this particular day. I recently was having six o’clock breakfast in Dallas,Texas, next to a portly man who was smoking a large cigar and reading the paper between gulps of food. A very attractive, sparkling little waitress in a starched, white dress, as she poured his coffee, smilingly said, “This is a wonderful day, isn’t it?”

Without glancing from his paper he growled through a mouthful of scrambled eggs and a half chewed cigar, “What’s so wonderful about it?”

The little waitress cheerfully and without presumption, in her Southern drawl simply said, “Mistah, I tell ya, ya oughta try missin’ a few and you’d find out.”

How many times do we encounter a person whom we’d swear was weaned with a pickle. He simply brightens up a whole room when he walks out of it. He appears to be an accident walking around looking for a place to happen. I’m sure there must be such a thing as “mental halitosis.” In my opinion this is the most devastating kind. I’m certain that when this particular individual woke up he didn’t say, “Good morning, God.” Rather, he must have said, “Good God! It’s morning!”

I’ve had the pleasure of directing a number of sales organizations over the past 10 years. One point I have always stressed, and I mean it sincerely. I’d rather have a man with a P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude) than a man with a Ph.D. The man with a Ph.D. may be in Who’s Who, but the man with a P.M.A. comes nearer knowing “what’s what.”

Remember, this is the greatest day of your life until tomorrow. Life is full of magic if we will only let it be.

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