How to Write a Lead Generating Guest Post

Are you generating significant leads with guest posting? Are you leveraging your presence effectively by posting on high ranking, well read blogs? Guest posting remains a powerful and free traffic generation method for aspiring bloggers. You can tap into massive audiences, quickly, by creating a helpful, targeted post and submitting to bloggers who accept guest posts. You need to do your homework; find out if a blogger accepts guest posts and gauge whether or not your area of expertise fits within the needs or wants of the blogger. If you do your due diligence, putting in serious leg work, you can find a good match and drive targeted leads to your blog with a guest posting strategy.

Always submit your best work on guest posts. Some bloggers make the grave error of saving their best content for their blog. This is a mistake, for you are forfeiting the chance to make a serious impact on a massive, brand new, targeted audience. You need to think like this is your blog, treating this post as you would treat a post on your blog. This means posting with your heart and soul, publishing your best work, promoting your blog aggressively and of course, responding to every comment possible. Treat the guest post just like you would treat your posts to become a wildly successful guest poster.

Why guest post? You can reach five, ten or twenty times the normal amount of readers you normally reach – or many more – by publishing problem-solving guest posts on well read blogs. You can build a strong relationship with authority bloggers, you can boost your rep, gain the trust of your target market and enjoy building new relationships as you generate leads with your successful guest posting strategy. The one error that many guest posters make is looking past the immense benefits of writing a guest post. Many fear rejection, or wasting their time, explaining away why guest posting is not for them. This is all a pile of rubbish. You can expand your presence with alarming speed by writing something helpful usable and targeted to your audience, all by guest posting. So don’t listen to your excuses, or the excuses of people who hate guest posting. The strategy works, and works darn well, if you persistently put out your best content and reach out to bloggers from a relevant niche.

How can you write a lead generating guest post?

Research Your Audience

If you focus your efforts on network marketing but submit a guest post to a blogging-themed niche you are wasting your time. Why? Most of the readers of that blog simply want to know how to blog. They have little interest in network marketing, so you are speaking a message to a disinterested audience. Numbers matter not. You can generate more leads publishing a guest post to a smaller, targeted audience than you could publishing your post to a larger, non-targeted audience. Be effective. Spend your time creating content that will show up in front of targeted, prying eyes, to generate more leads in less time, and with less effort. Research your prospective guest post blog, research the blogger, check out the prior 10 posts, the prior few guest posts, and get an idea of what you would need to write to create a popular, lead generating guest post. Does your skill set match the needs of their audience? Does your posting style vibe with this audience? If so, after verifying that the blogger still accepts guest posts, create the post and send to the blogger.

Failures typically do zero research, wasting precious minutes let alone hours of their time, sending guest posts to uninterested bloggers or wasting your time trying to reach a disinterested audience. Take your time, research prospective blogs and intend to find good matches, to save your time, and to respect your fellow bloggers’ time.

Stop Selling

I see silly, greedy, desperate bloggers spoil their guest posts by writing crappy, sales-heavy blog posts. It’s as if they see a massive audience and their common sense goes out the window, and mindless greed takes over. The post is littered with pitch after pitch, and virtually all reputable bloggers reject these posts, so you just lost yourself an opportunity to generate an extra five, ten, or twenty, or more leads, due to your greed. Or if you find a blogger who is asleep at the wheel, who actually publishes this post, you just shot your reputation to bits. You will never generate a significant number of leads or make money online by selling to people. Nope. Your content does the selling, meaning that you solve problems, you offer free step by step tutorials, and the content itself attracts to you hungry leads who sign up for your list or buy your product after they visit your resource box. Keep links to an absolute minimum. Spend time sifting through your content, making sure that the quality of your offering is top shelf.

Writing Lead Generating Blog Posts – Summary

Do intense due diligence on the blog you intend to submit your guest post to, if you want to spend your time effectively. You need to discern if your writing topic and style vibes with the blog audience. If you find a match, send an email to the blogger, asking them if they accept guest posts. If they do, create a helpful usable guest post, to generate leads. You should create a guest post that solves problems, or inspires individuals to crush their problems with simple, practical tips. This positions you as an authority. You can reach a massive audience, leveraging your presence with alarming speed.

Never sell. Leave a tiny link in your resource box, directing people to your blog – or squeeze page, if this is allowed – but never, ever sell or pitch in the guest post. This practice kills your reputation quickly, making it extremely difficult to prosper online, let alone generate leads. Your job is to solve problems and build a strong connection with a fellow blogger. Treat the post like your own. Aggressively promote the quest post and respond to as many comments as possible, to generate leads, build trust and prosper with your home based opportunity.

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