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“How to…” articles are the easiest articles to write. There are no limits for these kinds of articles. You can write about anything you are knowledgeable about or even things you don’t yet know about. You can Google different topics, research and write about anything you find. The good thing is that your posts on HowToee will make money for you indefinitely. As this website is a community that will grow and become more popular over time, your articles will make more money for you, day after day.

The biggest problem for those who want to write is that they don’t know what to write about.

As was mentioned, it is very easy to write “how-to . . .” articles. Even better, you don’t have to write only about things you are an expert about.

Be the next person who writes about the topics below:

  • How to look beautiful
  • How to become a teacher
  • How to learn English
  • How to run a weblog
  • How to run a website
  • How to run a free blog
  • How to make people love you
  • How to deal with migraine
  • How to sell your website
  • How to monetize your website/weblog
  • How to choose a product to sell online
  • How to make money promoting others’ products
  • How to make a living working from home
  • How to promote your small business
  • How to promote your website
  • How to have more subscribers
  • How to follow up with your customers
  • How to make money buying/selling stocks
  • How to search on Google properly
  • How to optimize your website
  • How to shave your head properly
  • How to sooth your toothache
  • How to eat properly
  • How to plant and grow tomatoes
  • How to clean a fish tank
  • How to …

As you can see, there is a wide and limitless spectrum of topics you can write about.

You can write “How to…” or other kinds of articles focused around internet, internet marketing, making money online and running online businesses, business, writing, blogging, computer, electronics, science, technology, business success stories/tips and self improvement and success tips. “How to…” are more preferred at HowToee, but feel free to choose any title that you want.

You can write about politics and news too, however it is preferred that even these kinds of articles to be related to business and online business, internet and computer.

In addition to this, you might choose to focus on one special topic. For example, if you are an experienced web designer or programmer and you have a website/weblog about these topics, why not write about web designing or programming on HowToee?

Think of the advantages: you not only promote your website/weblog but at the same time you make money through the Google ads published on your posts. On top of that, you will be known by others as a professional web designer or programmer and you will receive more clicks, orders and subscriptions.

Ready to get started? Why not submit an article to HowToee Now?

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  1. Hi Vahid,

    I suggest my first article this morning for review. How long is the review period and how do I know when my article has been published? It would be great to know.

    Must say I like this site, really good topics and lots of information.

    Looking forward to hear from you


  2. Hi Vahid ,

    I suggested my first article this morning. When will it be reviewed. When it will be published?How long do I have to wait.

    Looking forward to hear from you

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