Important Tips to Make a Successful Website and Web Design

First, to your site or web portal to be successful you must ensure that the pages have fast downloads.  As you know, the Internet connection speed affects many visitors so it is important not to place on your website (especially on the home page) is heavy components.  Every day people are most anxious to achieve quick responses on all services and the Internet does not escape this.

In turn, in the first 5 seconds your website should be able to capture the attention of visitors.  Remember that your competition on the Internet is just a click away so that the discharge of its pages must not exceed this time.

Avoid using components in Flash that are too heavy. Make sure your website handle File Compression techniques that are handled automatically by servers and browsers.

Use AJAX technologies to allow some information to be updated in certain areas of the page without having to reload all its elements. This is based on the exchange of data between the server and the visitor’s browser without requiring a change of the entire page .

Interest Wake providing what people are looking for.  This Provide all the information about their products and services, this well presented, well plotted and well written.  Highlight your differentiators based on the benefits and advantages for its customers.  Present information in a fresh, different, novel, so invite the visitor to read what you want to buy presents and what you sell.

Prominently displays what you are offering. Not let your visitors get lost in content and effects that distract from what you actually sell. Its products and services must be immediately understood unambiguously.  Facilitate navigation for your products and services quickly and clearly known.  The greater the importance of the product its position should be at the top.  People read in the form of Z, from top left to right, facing down the left to finish watching the bottom right corner.

Catch your prospects with a mighty fine title that captures the attention from the start and invite the visitor to continue reading your web site based on the most outstanding benefit to him or her.

Keep the interest of your prospects and visitors writing paragraphs based on the benefits of their products and services, citing its competitive advantages and exhibiting the same characteristics in terms of emotional and rational.

Provide a gift of value to their visitors only get if they subscribe to your newsletter or fill your contact details.  We must give to receive.  This gift can be something simple but attractive to your prospects, from a video or eBook to a physical gift that promotes your brand and to be sent by mail.  We must give up something and this knowledge can give, give a prize or any other security interest.

Your graphic design should not be too elaborate and complex.  Each time is more apparent simplicity on sites that are minimalistic but practical and straightforward.  Use cool colors that do not affect the view, use text sizes that allow for comfortable reading

Check that there are no misspellings or grammatical errors.  Remember your web site or portal is the window to the world that exposes the image of your company , product or brand.  If people see errors of this type may intuit that its products are of good quality.  In general the products you sell are not what you say you are, but what customers perceive they are.

Provide a site map so that the customer can quickly understand how the navigation structure and can thus easily reach the content you care about.  This is particularly important for sites that have lots of pages and content vary widely.

State your contact information on every page possible.  Place your phone numbers and links to relevant social media where you can contact ( Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.).  Provide a contact form that visitors can fill out to express their concerns.  Place your address clearly.  Overall loan them to the visitor several options to contact you.

Systems make use Live Chat so that an operator of your company may invite visitors to talk through a chat to your website and contact address Live when visitors have concerns they want to talk immediately.  Such tools allow operators to even know the path the visitor has within the website, so you can know in advance that page which can be entered and their possible interest.

Have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ or by the acronym of Frecuently Asked Questions). Typically visitors have questions or concerns to be answered with common self-served if your site has an area describing such questions with their answers. Place in this section the answers to those aspects of the procurement process or purchase, payment, delivery, policies, terms and conditions of use, guarantees, among others.

Depending on what you expose or sell on your website is important to add a Glossary of Terms as in many cases visitors do not necessarily have knowledge of some details of what is stated or do not handle the lexicon or the terms used for the subject.  A simple glossary of technical words less common will be greatly appreciated by your visitors.

Finally, to achieve the success that your company or institution specified for your web presence, remember to consult experts who will provide the best Internet business solutions.

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