Improve Your Corporate Business with Quality Blogging

Nowadays, companies are learning to improve their blogs, get results by attracting more readers. Corporate blogs receive about 55% more traffic compared to companies that don’t have any blog. However, even then companies having corporate blogs simply don’t think out of the box. They are just swamping their blogs with companies’ policies and happenings, updates. And this is the most repeated mistake that most of the companies commit. There is a huge list of improvements that should be focused upon. Here are some tips that will really help bloggers get positive results:

  1. Set up a Content theme and perspective plans: Clearly describe the main theme that the team will follow. One must be able to present the value that company is bringing to customers. An apt name should be chosen for your blog and it should be related to companies’ specialty. Make sure that your blog contains the patent info in case anyone is interested. Now, set specific editorial guidelines to be followed by bloggers. It can comprise of topics to be covered or methods of writing posts.
  1. Pick out a blogging team: Choose individuals who have appropriate knowledge of the area. They should be able to write well. You can also train them, explain the editorial guidelines or give instructions about editing and writing process. Sometimes the companies have an editor to finalize the blog. But one can always find out their own ways of working, which suits for your team.
  1. Make your company user-friendly: A corporate blog is one place where you can know your customers better. There should be conversation between you and the customers. And it should appear as a talk between the reader and the blogger, instead of a formal conversation between company and consumer. Encourage your team members to express their own styles. The blog should be diversified than the same monotonous tone. Blog is a place where people connect to each other, so throw away the corporate style and you will prosper.
  1. Avoid marketing: Your blog should become a platform where real analysis and expert opinions of company’s employees. Don’t keep the same tone of marketing at least not on the blog. Give useful opinions and you will realize a bonding developed between the readers and company. Consumers will start trusting your company. Keep on adding value to the consumer’s on your blog. And soon you would find that this technique is more effective than the press releases etc.
  1. Critics welcome: You would often find that many companies block users or readers from commenting since they are afraid of losing market. But no, take it in a positive manner. Think the criticism as an opportunity to improve. So don’t prevent readers from expressing their thoughts, opinions.
  1. Respond to opinions: When you have allowed users to express their opinions, it is your duty to give them satisfactory answers. Form a comment policy, and let you team follow it. Reply to the comments and take follow-ups. It would create a feeling of trust among the customers.
  1. Socialize: Make fan pages on social websites like facebook, twitter etc. Promote your company using these simple tools. And provide expert help to the readers. Each employee should be allowed to respond in their own ways. Start posting on the fan pages, use links, widgets etc.
  1. Keep a track of statistics: Use various tools available to keep a track of user traffic, number of people who visit the blog etc. Analyze the data; take suggestions from your team. Start promoting your page, use creative ideas. Always keep the data updated. Reviews of companies should be tracked down, monitor the analytical data.

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