More Tips on Using the World of Social Media

As indicated in an earlier article, a business can pay for an online advertisement, including one that will appear on one of the social networking sites. However, a smart businessperson plans a strategy for catching the attention of the men and women who read the content on one such site. In other words, that free content material can be used to supplement any posted advertisements.

First, the businessperson who wants to target a certain group must identify the type of site that members of that group are apt to visit. A company that needs to contact other businesses should plan to post information on Linkedin, Facebook or Google. A company that is more interested in contacting potential customers ought to post messages on Facebook, Twitter and, possibly, on a blog.

Still, the posting of messages on a social networking site does not guarantee an increase in sales. It must be done with an eye to the thinking of the person who is apt to read that posted statement. In other words, it should speak to the intended audience. Businesses that hope to reach out to potential customers must refrain from including company jargon in any posted comment.

By taking advantage of the social networking web sites, a company can eliminate the frustration of constantly seeking to redo the content in the FAQ section of a web site. New questions can be answered to an entire group of readers. By supplying readers with useful information, a company can encourage people to continue reading its posted comments.

Some sites, such as Facebook provide a company with a good way for judging the response to the content on its Facebook page. The company must encourage the offering of such a response. It must make it obvious how someone can go about submitting a “like,” in response to the company’s posted material.

Material that has been posted on a social networking site can also address any negative feedback from customers. That allows a company to demonstrate its readiness to listen to and respond to customer feedback. It encourages customers to continue reading the statements that have been posted by that same company. That is important, because a future statement might disclose facts about a new product or a new deal on an old product.

Obviously, the information provided by any company should not confuse the existing or potential customer. That is one of the reasons that jargon must be avoided. That fact also underscores the value in consistency. A consistent message is less confusing than one that seems to demonstrate shifting opinions or a changed approach.

Keeping in mind the recommendations regarding any posted message, a business must consider the different social networking sites that are presently available to any owner of a particular web site. Facebook is a great place in which to announce deals or specials.

Google allows creation of brand messages. That gives a company a way to deliver a statement to a specific circle of Internet users. That circle might include just customers, vendors or employees.

Linkedin helps professionals to find help with a project. Recently, one Linkedin user posted a call for articles or stories that would be appropriate for children in a particular age group. That request indicated that a certain publisher wanted to compile a collection of articles and stories for those children who had not yet developed a true love of reading.

A company that has a visual message should plan to use either YouTube or Pinterest. Those are places where it is not necessary to post a lot of words. Those are also places where a business can try to reach out to a new audience.

A business does not have to eliminate Twitter or StumbleUpon as a way to reach out to other businesses. However, it should consider searching for those statements or sites that include certain terms. Those would of course be terms that relate to the product or service that the web searcher/ business hope to sell.

Finally, a smart business person thinks about creating a blog, one that can be added to the material on a web site. It can be used to provide Internet users with an inside view of a particular company. It can also serve as an additional way for putting a spotlight on a new product or service. If a site does introduce a blog, then the site owner ought to devote some time to following the blogs on other web sites. That action can help to draw attention to the introduction of a new blog.

Podcasts also provide any company with an additional way of reaching out to existing or potential customers. An Internet user can subscribe to downloadable recordings. That recorded material can supplement whatever has been included in the pictures and statements that have been posted on the company’s web site.

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