New LinkedIn and the Way You Can Extract Mileage of It

A quick little update on LinkedIn’s new avatar! I tell you, it’s an absolute marvel to see the way it’s improving in appearance and transforming itself into such a user friendly interface.

It’s an influential platform comprising network of professionals that brings and keeps right kind of people together; also it is growing rapidly in popularity. LinkedIn is not ignorant about this aspect about itself and therefore won’t spare any effort to keep it that way. The new version is undoubtedly better.

New Look: If you have visited the platform in recent past you’d know it looks nothing like its old self. It is much, much cleaner & a lot more easy-to-navigate. The LinkedIn Team must have gone all out; extensively; to get genuine user feedback from their community; based on which they seem to have improved in every aspect and have introduced and incorporated the changes at various levels.

New Mantra is Engage Readers: LinkedIn’s focus this time seems to have shifted from driving visitors, to keeping them engaged on the page. Your profile, resume, service, or product; what ever that you are trying to promote on LinkedIn now stands out more prominently due to the new and sunny location they have introduced.

Overall a Better Feel: Have you had a look at their newly designed company pages? They look so much more inviting and give a feel of a happy space shared by the community. The new design will improve and influence the frequency as well as quality of communication amongst the LinkedIn members; the new design is bound to give users a better experience this time.

Free to Place Your Company Logo Now: The Company Page that looks so much sleeker now provides you with an additional feature; it provides users with space where they can publish logo now; Even the Follow button now stands out, which will lead to improved scope for building community. It’s looking like a better trigger now.

More Room to Talk about Yourself: They have also allotted more space for users to write about themselves. This means now your target audience finding or reaching your profile have a chance to know you better; know your company; what you do; and how you can help.

Comment Window’s Position: Even the new comment window is placed more prominently below each post. Now it’s right in front of the user; who is no more required to click on `write comment’ button for new window to appear where he would write his comments. This new upfront version is certainly more engaging and eases the process of leaving a comment.

More Prominent Position to Display Your Business or Profession: The biggest and most outstanding of all changes is the shift in position where you can place your product and service links; it’s placed above the fold now on home page instead of being in some inside page. The Products and Services label has been taken off from the navigation bar and has been shifted to the right side, which makes the display very prominent. Since it will be prominently visible to the users now, people are likely to exchange more information on it.

If you have not already visited the new LinkedIn version, go, get an update. Get your hands on the new features, tools etc and use them to improve your business and business communication.

Why don’t you look at your own LinkedIn profile or page as an outsider and see how does it look and what impression does it convey; if you find lacunas, fill them, fix them; if its looking average, make it look at least normal; and if its looking good; make it look its best! The new design is going to make everything look three times brighter, so lap up to the opportunity.

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