Off-Site SEO Techniques to Improve Visibility of Your Blog

Off-site Optimization is as important and effective as on-site SEO, whether you are implementing it on your blog, website, or forum. Ideally both should be part of one Umbrella strategy. One implemented without the other slows down the impact of outcome of blog-promotion strategy.

People are very keen to set their blogs in order from within (i.e. on-site SEO) but when it comes to pushing it from outside (off-site SEO), most bloggers do not think it is important to even understand it as of now; as what they have done on-site sounds enough for them; and thus they leave it for later. By the time `later’ arrives its really LATE and even the old on-site strategy may render outdated to an extent and may need some fresh tweaks, if not over all overhauling.

First lesson is to be convinced that both SEO strategies are equally important. In fact offsite strategies are easier to learn after understanding onsite SEO strategies; even implementing them does not require any technical skill either; blog owner can devise promotional campaign with the help of a professional while starting out and can consider carrying it out himself by keeping the strategist in loop for some time; once he feels more comfortable and confident he can do it independently. It may work out to be a less costly affair than one may think.

Let’s discuss various off-site SEO techniques. But before that a special note.

Special Note for Readers: Some of you may already have taken the curser down to all the sub-headlines and may be feeling that you already know what I am going to talk about in each of these sub-headlines; but I will suggest that you please continue to read them anyway; because though my topic may sound like a repetition; my take on them are my own – because I have written is based on my own experience and experiments which I feel will help you to use the method in a more effective manner.

Become an Active Guest Blogger: The first off-site SEO technique to promote a blog is to become active as guest writer and try and publish your posts in high traffic blogs in your niche. It’s a very popular technique and enough has been written about it, I know; but how many bloggers do you know who can credit a good part of their success to this technique & don’t go beyond ranking it as an average technique? Not many, is it not?

If this is how you feel or someone you know feels, then my advice would be that you approach the concept of guest posting afresh with a new mindset and attitude; improve the quality of your posts; and improve the quality of blogs you are posting them on. A high traffic blog will never accept a mediocre post. Best option is to create at least 30-45 high quality guest posts and then identify blogs in your niche that drive high traffic.

While you are requesting them to accept your post on their blog, try and sell them the video review that we have discussed in our previous on-site blog SEO lesson. Once your communication has begun you can also casually suggest that you are ready to do a post for them in exchange of a live link in their blog roll. If the blog owner manages to read your mail he will not be able to refuse off beat offers like this one. These will give you several link backs to your home and inside pages, plus add value for his readers. Amidst several video review posts you can fit one pillar post and add quality content to his blog. Blog owner will be impressed and you will soon find a place amongst his favourite guest writers.

Get Link Backs: But not by paying for them, because if Google manages to find it out you will be out of the race before you even realise. Paid links are not only passé, they are also unethical. Put your mind to work and think of some offbeat & novel ideas to get back links.

Conceptualise a free interactive session, a seminar, membership drive, a charity event etc related to your niche and turn it into a product; i.e. create a product information page along with an impressive covering letter. Send it to high traffic blogs in your niche and ask them if they will help you promote it; in reciprocation you shall offer them a free entry/membership etc. If your concept is interesting and novel they will be more than willing to do it. But don’t do it for the heck of it because if you do, you might end up creating a bad impression for yourself.

Using social media platforms like twitter and Facebook has its own impact even with no-follow links if you can mange to create viral posts you will go places. Learn to use it as effectively as you can. And always do it from your genuine account. Make your posts interactive that have the power to trigger reaction or encourage discussions. Remember that social media promotion strategy as important as any other.

The next tip is about creating anchor texts. In many of my posts I encourage readers to learn to create the anchor texts in the correct style. With advanced updates like penguin and panda happening and many more in the offing and making it’s a different ball game altogether; to witness how the updates are evolving to fit in with natural psyche of netizens has been an awesome progression to watch so far… always make sure your anchor texts do not sound the same; while maintaining sense, meaning and tone of the anchor they should still be worded differently everywhere.

Suppose Google is evaluating two sites; first site has 10 back links all reading the same where their anchor texts go and second website has 6 back links all worded differently. The second blog or site will get a batter mileage than first in spite of more number of back links. Of course quality of site your link is on will also matter but here we are focusing on anchor texts so I am not going into that. By creating different anchor texts it is understood that you are trying to fit into psyche of different variety of readers who may like to read or relate to their stuff in a certain manner.

Lastly you can check Alexa ranking of blogs where you are placing or planning to place your links. It will give you a clear cut idea about the traffic and popularity of websites or blogs. The more popular blogs accept your link on their site the better it is for your site or blog. The faster you will move into the main lane and get your share of traffic.

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