Press Release Is a Tool for Remaining One Step Ahead in Online Marketing

By utilizing the power of a press release, a business owner can confidently snatch onto a great opportunity. He or she can take advantage of up-to-the-minute information, details that relate to a particular industry. He or she can capitalize on the availability of a great and inexpensive, sometimes free publicity tool.

Unless the brand associated with a business has been seen repeatedly by the public, and the person behind that brand has been heard, few men and women will take an interest in trying that branded product. That fact underscores the significance of the press release. Of course, a truly effective press release must satisfy certain requirements; it should be a true story and not an advertisement. That press release should also be located in a spot where it is sure to be seen and read.

Still, an online document that satisfies those requirements can ensure the attainment of real benefits. It can increase the online visibility of a business. It can increase the number of back links to the website associated with that same business. Consequently, it can improve the search engine ranking for the  website that is at the receiving end of such back links.

The men and women who read a press release usually feel more confident of the credibility of whatever brand or business has been mentioned in that same document. At the same time, that release’s contents serve as a way for a business to get more customers. That is largely due to the fact that such releases always tend to target a specific group of readers, generally those with the largest amount of interest in each piece’s content.

When a business owner has invested in a press release, then he or she can expect his/her money-making endeavor to be mentioned on a premium website. For example, the name of that business might appear within an online publication such as StreetInsider, or International Business Times. Alternately, a reference to that business might be made in a site that offers online news, such as Topix or Yahoo! News.

Sometimes, the fact that a business’ name has been included in a bit of news can alert a business owner to an additional way for gaining some publicity, on a local level. For example, that business owner might see a way to relate some aspect of his/her enterprise to a newsworthy event. That fact could lead to creation of an article for the local paper. Obviously such an article would promote the business that is owned and operated by the person who sponsored the creation of that article.

The final benefit derived from a press release also concerns the existence of local papers. Such publications usually have one or two syndicated columns. Sometimes, one or more of the releases that have been posted online make their way into a syndicated column.

In the past, a business owner had to extend a good deal of effort, in order to get mentioned in a press release. Usually, that entrepreneur had to first find a writer. Few were as fortunate as the woman who once performed acupuncture in Culver City, CA. She was lucky enough to receive a call from a writer who wanted to mention in a planned article a business that helped people to stop smoking. That writer was going to be adding information to a press release, one distributed by the American Lung Association.

Once a business owner has found a writer, then he or she must explain what information should be included in the requested release. Naturally, that entrepreneur will want to review the release’s content, before it gets posted online. If that content is satisfactory, then the man or woman who plans to pay for it can approve that same material.

Of course, approval of the material does not guarantee its placement in a prominent position on the Internet. That action can only be achieved by locating a submission service. That service then takes the time to submit the piece furnished by a particular business/web site. Following that submission, a report, one giving all the locations where people are reading the release’s content, ought to be provided to the man or woman who has paid for that same article.

As can be seen, that entire process is time-consuming, to say the least. That fact helps to explain the appearance of a new type of service. It is one that is aimed at helping businesses to get releases written and posted in lots of places, places where an Internet user is apt to look.

One of the newest of such services can be accessed at It can guarantee inclusion in each of its releases of the right number of keywords. It can ensure the placement of any press release in the most appropriate online publications and within the most relevant online news.

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