Promote Your Home Business with the Eastern Philosophy

Eastern ideology, thoughts and practices is full of tips and useful advice that can be used to have a better life. It may look a little strange to you that these tips can be used even in running and promoting a business, especially a work at home business.

The good thing is that to learn and use the tips in your work at home business, you don’t have to tolerate the pain of the Lotus position:

Use the below tips not only for running and promoting your business but in your personal life.

1. If it’s broke, fix it.

 There are a lot of problems in running and promoting a business. Nothing can be done in this world easily. Joy and pain are mixed. Those who spend their life to look for the joy, will suffer from the pain more than the others because they don’t know that joy and pain are mixed and to enjoy the happiness of the joy, you have to tolerate some pain.

Failure is a pain but but you can not enjoy your success before learning from the failure pain. So if you failed, don’t escape from it. Learn from your mistakes and try again. It doesn’t matter how many times you will have to do this to succeed. Something that matters is that you learn something new anytime that you try.

2. Be in the moment.

 It means you have to be focused on what you do. Forget about what you have to do tomorrow and what you did yesterday. If you are sitting at the computer writing your article, just focus on it and don’t think about anything else. When it is done, you will have time to think and work on the other things.

Having no enough concentration wastes a lot of time and money. We spend several hours on doing something very simple that can be done one hour. It is because we have not learned to become focused.

Also there are many people who suffer from different kinds of attention disorders and unfortunately most of them don’t know that they have a problem that has to be solved.

If you are a person that can not focus on something at all and you are suffering from this problem, you have to solve it as soon as possible. If you don’t have any attention disorder but you have not just learned to focused, you can easily learn it. Just try to be focused on what you do and don’t do anything else as long as you have not finished it. If you keep on doing this practice, you will learn to focus after a while.

3. De-emphasize time.

Did you know that time is your enemy?

Yes, it is a big enemy. We are always worried about it. It makes us worried and sad when we see that time is passing so fast, we are getting older and we have not done many of the things that we wanted to do. It makes us worried and stressful when we see that the days, months and years come and go one after the other. Worried or not, the time passes and we can not do anything about it. By thinking about the time and its speed, we just make our mind busier, if not making more stress and anxiety.

I am not telling you that you should not care about the time and the deadlines you have. I am trying to say that you have to focus on your job and life and the present moment. Do consider the time and the deadlines, but you should not be worried about them. You can not prevent the time from passing. Why should we be worried about something that we have no control on?

Instead of thinking that you have lost a lot of time and you don’t have enough time, just focus on doing your job. You will see that you can do a lot in a very short time if you just focus and clean your mind from different upsetting things, including time.

4. Be a team player.

 We are connected to each other. We are all human beings. We are living on the same planet. We are using the same tool to work (the internet). So we are all connected to each other. We have to live and work with each other.

If you are a work at home businesspeople, you may think that your business is based on your own efforts and you have to avoid making connections with the others but this is not true. Learning from the others is the minimum advantage of connection, co-working and friendship.

When bloggers ask me about promoting their blogs and the way that they can drive traffic to them, my most important advice is developing friendship with the other bloggers. Most of them think that the other bloggers are their competitive and they have to do something to kick them out of them the game whereas is the a big mistake. Most of the visitors of your blog can be the other bloggers who know and like you. Those who hate you or you hate them will never come to read your posts. They just come to steal your ideas or articles.

Anything harmful that we do to someone else will have an effect on ourselves too because we are all connected. If you help the others, you are helping yourself in fact.

5. Be kind to everybody.

I have a very successful real estate friend in Toronto. He is always the best seller of Remax, the biggest real estate company. His is a hard-working man but hard-working is not his success key. His success key is that he is kind to everybody. His co-worker says that he has the same behavior with someone who wants to rent a room as someone who wants to buy a 5 million dollar house.

He is kind with everybody and everybody loves him. The most important thing is that he doesn’t pretend that he is kind. He doesn’t show kindness to the others just to attract them for business purposes. He is REALLY kind. You can not deceive people. People can easily understand the difference of hypocrisy and sincerity. A hypocrite person can never be loved by the others.

As a business or work at home entrepreneur you have to act like this. You have to be kind with everybody if you like to have a successful business. You have to reply all the emails and answer all the peoples’ questions without considering who they are and if they will buy something from you or not.

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