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There’s one thing that sellers of fake website traffic hate:  Things that require visitor interaction.

Such a thing can be having to click a facebook like button, writing a comment, or having to press play on a video.

Of course we’re not going to assume that everyone who visits your page ALWAYS clicks the share button, presses play or writes a comment;  however when say a hundred thousand people visit a web page, you are going to find that a horde of them press the video play button, many of them press the Like button, and you may even find that comments have been left, even if just to test your comment box or leave themselves a backlink.

Although I’m sure with time somebody can write a script that can do all that and fake it, in the case of it simply was not so, and the conduct by the owner of, that followed our business with him, showed that he is just a plain, old fashioned online scammer and a thief.

In retrospect, I suppose we might have known that is all baloney, but naivity sometimes does get the better of even the smartest of us.

It all started right from the beginning:  Realtrafficsource’s homepage.  There’s a video there by what appears to be a juvenile delinquint, the video titled “ Review”.  This however is NOT a “review”;  it’s actually the owner himself, reviewing his own website!  Oh brother.

The video and the information on the page talks about all the thousands of visitors they’ll send you and all the thousands that you will be making off of all those visitors.  Oh baby you can’t lose with;  buy a traffic bundle and you’ll be a gazillionaire extraordinaire right off the bat!!

Well, I must say we weren’t fooled by all the pie in the sky nonsense talk about how wonderful it is going to be and how we’d be selling like crazy because of, but still, we were idiotic enough to buy a traffic bundle of 100,000 visitors.  The page we wanted them to visit was one that had a fantastic video on it that had to be clicked to be played, containing its own embedded ads like those annoying things YouTube sometimes put on videos, so we just wanted a lot of views of a concept video and perhaps the ads on it would make us something back;  we didn’t directly sell anything.

After a day or two of finally getting the traffic campaign with started, our dashboard showed that some thousands of visits have already been delivered.  Strange though, that we can’t say the video views climbed accordingly.  We knew what was going on:  Fake Traffic Source .Com.

But what could we do?  No refund would be given of course, we just knew that in our guts.

After delivering only 10,000 of the 100,000 visitors they are supposed to, without any communication they stopped the campaign.

Of course we were very curious as to what his deal is, and enquired about it.  He emailed back “We don’t allow videos for this traffic”.  Bingo!  Yes, fake visitors cannot start a video, can they now?

Our suspicions were thick by now: doesn’t actually send any visitors.  It’s all just done with a hitblaster that re-opens the same page from different IP’s, if even from different IP’s, or so our suspicion goes.  Actually it may be that they simply type into the dashboard every day a new number in the “Visitors Received” box.  There most likely isn’t ANY visitors.

Well, as it is with conducting business online, there is no use to ask for money back or start a fuss, for the other person will simply ignore you.  So we emailed them another URL, for what it’s worth, but he never restarted the campaign.

After some time, we tried to see if we can get a refund through Paypal, the payment processor we paid through, seeing as that they have no intention of delivering the service we paid for.  He most likely can’t either, for he has no real traffic business.

Although we are still the’s customers who fully paid him for a service, and he has our money, his first response to Paypal’s dispute claim was to delete our RealTrafficSource account.  Yes, this while we already paid and he owes us a service or our money!  It’s obvious that he has absolutely no integrity, no honesty and no morals.

Finally we saw how the scam works:  Paypal’s final conclusion was that they can not decide the claim in our favor, as the services we paid for are “intangible” and they have no way of determining if it has been delivered or not.  With our dashboard now deleted by them, we can’t show them either that the order was never fulfilled, not that that dashboard represented anything that can be called truth anyway, so there’s not really anything further we can do: stole our money, and that is that.

We have since searched online for other victims of, and have found that whenever people write about their unhappiness with, he jumps in pretending to be of “ customer service” or a happy customer, as if.  Examples of this can be seen on:

In conclusion, we have only one opinion:  REALTRAFFICSOURCE.COM IS 100%, TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY A SCAM!!!  STAY FAR AWAY.  You will NOT be happy with their service.

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