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Crowd funding is a very simple idea. Lots of people contribute money for a cause. The idea is implemented in supporting unfortunate families, charities, bands, startup companies, and scientific research.

This looks unrealistic for some people but in one crowd funding site named “”, there  are lots of projects for weddings and honeymoons. That alone is crazy! I saw another one which is for car repairs for a cancer patient. If you think about the last sentence, car repairs and cancer patients are not really related much. But even if that is given, the project has raised about $1,580 in a month with a goal of $5,000. He even said that he is 100% disabled and barely makes ends meet. If that is true, why would he focus on car repair and what is the car for if he cannot drive it due to his 100% disability. I am telling you this to prove to you that crowd funding works. But please, if you are going to post a project, please be honest and do not be like the example given above.

The list below tells you the advantages of crowd funding:

  • It is proven to be effective.
  • It allows you to get funds for your projects.
  • It can give you feedbacks about your projects.
  • You can propose any project which means that it is not limited to business opportunities.
The list below tells you the disadvantages of crowd funding:
  • It exposes your projects to potential copycats.
  • Regulations and taxation can be very hard to manage.

Now that I have proven that crowd funding is effective, let me tell you about a site which provides high quality reviews about Crowdfunding Sites. In each review, it shows the features and the ratings for the site. Specifically speaking, they rate a site based on these: fees, expenses, speciality  reliability, reputation, traffic, community, customer service, and ease of use. There is also an overall ranking for their reviews. The current top ranking crowd funding site is ” “.

“Crowdfunding Website Reviews” is a great place to know where you can post your meaningful projects whether it be for your company, for foundations, or for additional support for your children. This is also the place to know where you can get great IPO investments for stocks.

The site has lots of traffic getting more than 2,000,000 page views a month and 460,000 visitors a month! This tells you that the site is reliable and that it is trusted by lots of people. The site is interactive with its readers. It encourages you to rate the crowd funding sites that they have reviewed. This means that the number of stars you see beside the review is not only based on the author`s knowledge but is also based on the experience of its users. It is better to trust a site which has great reviews from lots of people right? The individual reviews of other people are below the initial review of the site. When you write a review, you can write anything about it and you can rate it from 1 to 5 according to traffic, customer service, and its usability.

If you think something is missing with the information written in the review, you can contact them. You can also contact them to tell them your opinions about the site or any concerns about it. They respond in a timely manner.

The site also features a ” crowd funding project of the month “. It serves to show people the great projects initiated by other people which are lost in the big crowd of projects. These projects can be about businesses, charities, and individual fund raising efforts.

It also has a news feed for the latest happenings about crowd funding and some articles about crowd funding.

The site also encourages you to try crowd funding. Why? It is because crowd funding gives you so much benefits and if it is for your personal needs or for charities, there is actually no disadvantages at all! They describe equity crowd funding as what will be the most exciting to happen in American financial history. I also encourage you to try crowd funding. Think of the how much help you can get for your college expenses.

The site is very transparent with everyone. It tells you that it gets commissions or advertising fees from some crowd funding websites being reviewed and it also tells you if they have a business relationship with the sites they are reviewing. But even though they have, business relationships with a site, it does not necessarily mean that it will be the top in the ranking instantly. “Crowdfunding Website Reviews” is a very professional site and it honestly tells you the ups and downs of a particular site even though they have a business relationship with them. One example is their review of IPO Village. IPO Village has a business relationship with them but it does not have the highest ranking in their site. Everything is reviewed using facts and information, not just by opinion and emotional factors. As I said earlier, it is very professional.

To sum it all up, ” Crowdfunding Website Reviews ” is a professional and transparent reviewing site which provides detailed information about great crowd funding websites like ” ” and  ” IPO Village “. It is a reliable resource of information which is always there to help you decide on where to post your project or where to buy the best opportunities for buying stocks.

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