Should You Pay for a Guaranteed DMOZ Listing?

DMOZ or Open Directory Project is a well-know website among the webmasters and website owners almost since Google started working. It was used to be known as Google’s most favourite web directory. Having a website listed on DMOZ was every webmaster’s dream, because it could have so much credit for the website specially from the Google bot’s point of view. It had such a strong effect on the websites ranking on Google the way that almost all of the websites that were listed on DMOZ could be found on Google first page with their related keyword/phrase.

What was the reason and why Google was used to give so much credit to the DMOZ listings?

The reason was that DMOZ was used to be (and still is) so strict about hiring the editors. Google knew that DMOZ was almost the only free web directory that had strict rules to list the sites. All the other web directories were either paid which means your site could be listed on them by paying some money, or if they were free, they needed a reciprocal link. Your site had to be one of the best in its niche to be listed on DMOZ. That is why DMOZ listing had so much credit for the websites ranking on Google.

Is it still like that?

Not anymore. The time that DMOZ listing had such a strong impact on the websites ranking on Google is over. The reason is that Google doesn’t give any credit to DMOZ links anymore. It is a long time that everybody knows that most DMOZ editors are there for nothing but listing their own sites and web pages. I still browse DMOZ every now and then and I become shocked when I see that some very weak or even scam sites are listed there. There is no doubt that these sites belong to the corrupted editors who abuse the opportunity of being the DMOZ editor. They only list their own sites and refuse to approve the others’ sites that can be known as their competitors. There are still some quality sites listed on DMOZ, but those sites are listed since several years ago.

This is what Matt Cutts said about DMOZ on Aug 2011:

As you see he admits that DMOZ links have nothing more than the links from anywhere else. It is just the DMOZ page rank that can be higher than the other sites. However, if you can get the stronger sources to link to your site, it can have a stronger impact than the DMOZ link.

Guaranteed DMOZ Listing

Shame on those DMOZ editors who go one step beyond listing their own sites and web pages, and offer a guaranteed DMOZ listing to poor webmasters for a fee. We did not have such a thing in the first several years that DMOZ started working. But scams ruined and corrupted DMOZ too. This is another reason that DMOZ listings and links have no value for Google. So the answer of this question that should you pay for a guaranteed DMOZ listing, is NO. Simply because it has no value. It neither improves your website ranking, nor it can drive any traffic to your site. Not anymore!

Look what some webmasters say about their recent experience with having their sites listed on DMOZ:

One of them on a discussion board says that he has been struggling to have his website listed on DMOZ directory and finally when he could achieve it, he could see absolutely no positive impact on his website SERP (search engine result page) improvements. He believes that it was a wasting of time.

The other one says that his website is listed on DMOZ on three places but he has not received a single click through his listings.

Another webmaster says that having your site listed on DMOZ can even be dangerous these days, because there are so many sites that copy the same listing and so your website link will appear on several sites over-night which is now against the Google’s algorithm and it can cause your website to be penalized by Google.

That was about DMOZ, the old days monster, and the useless web directory now.

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