Simple Yet Profitable Home Business Ideas and Plans

The articles I have listed below, as you’ll soon discover, are not your usual “home business” articles and is the beginning of the series of articles that will teach you to run a business from home. It does not vaguely promise overnight wealth. It contains no “miracle” accounts of the manner in which “a woman with an invalid husband devised a wonderful item she could manufacture at home and now she enjoys a $50,000-a-year income”. These articles are written by no “expert” with six degrees in business administration and are not filled with dry discussions of proper markup ratios, tax reserves, and double entry bookkeeping systems.

Instead, these articles are made up almost entirely of first hand “how I did it” articles. Articles written by the actual people who rolled up their sleeves and successfully put themselves into the 36 self-employment enterprises covered here.

Only in a few cases—when the entrepreneur in question was too busy or too inexperienced with words to author a story about his or her business venture—have the rudiments of an enterprise been presented by an “outside” writer. And even then, not a shred of “theory” has been allowed to creep into the articles you’re about to read. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph is based on exact, experienced fact.

And here’s another surprise: No single word should be taken as “gospel”. The things you read and learn here are experiences, ideas, and prejudices in the field in question were carefully weighed against the experiences, ideas, and prejudices of others working in the same business. And—In all cases where one or more additional individuals had something worthwhile to add to the original discussion of a particular do-it-yourself venture—the additions were made.

It should also be pointed out that the below articles, have not been restricted by any narrow definition of the term “home business”. Some people, of course, do interpret the expression to mean only those enterprises that can be set up and run from a residence. All well and good … and those folks wilt find that nearly every self employment venture covered by these articles can be so organized and operated.

Individuals with less limited vision, however, will soon note that this guide has been organized with them in mind too. Emphasis has been placed, in certain sections, on the possibility of expanding some enterprises into the form of a “real” store. Or on taking some businesses out on the road. Or on the artistic aspects of some undertakings. Or on stilt other facets of yet other self- employment ventures described in the pages that follow. And, at all times, the widest possible interpretation of “home business” and “self-employment” has been used. We are interested, in other words, in helping you find exactly the way of making a livelihood that suits you best … and we’ve tried to keep every possibility—no matter how seemingly farfetched—open for your consideration.

And that raises another important point: Although some of the do-it-yourself occupations covered by the below articles can be very profitable indeed, most of the entrepreneurs quoted seem to stress the emotional, spiritual, and human satisfactions of their mini-enterprises … instead of the sheer dollars they’re making. We believe that this is a very healthy and a very adult attitude… and we applaud it.

So. What are you looking for? Something you can do part time? A full-time enterprise? A business that you can work hard at for six months and then “retire” from for a year? An outlet for your creative talents? A single- person occupation where you and you alone set the hours? A moneymaking venture that you can eventually expand into a “real” store or factory? A business that will allow you to travel? Something that you can start on less than $100? A way of letting someone else take care of all the details so that you can just “freelance” a little profitable work when and where you choose?

The answers—thirty-six of ‘em, in fact—to all those “home business” ideals are right here and can be found in the below articles.

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