Tall Tweets – The New Option Offered by Twitter

Twitter, ever since its launch has been applauded and called a game changer. The character limit for every tweet is set at a mere 140 words; and yet any piece of news worth its salt manages to spread like fire over it. The most successful people, right from the PRESIDENTS to the PAMELA ANDERSONS of various countries are using the tool to convey their take and clear off the air, whatever.

People like you and me use it to promote our businesses, strike deals, make friends, and build communities riding on its back. What started as a one off thing for people, most of who were still sceptical as they continued to use it; but as time passed, these small little tweets began emerging winners and started generating significant returns in the form of traffic that it directed back to various websites and blogs. So it started getting talked about. The kind of reputation and place that Twitter has earned for itself in such a short span of time is simply outstanding.

As the medium’s popularity grew, people started taking more interest in it. They woke up to it; they began to learn the techniques to use the vehicle more effectively; right from naming the account correctly, to creating an optimized bio, and setting a perfect profile, to learning the skill to fit their message in the given limit; they have been doing everything.

However many a times twitter community comes face to face with situations where they are not able to convey their message within the character limit set by Twitter. When this happens they are at a cross road; incomplete message does not serve the purpose and is likely to affect their reputation adversely; and an edited message does not always manage to hit the bull’s eye or so the person tweeting feels; his lack of talent to express himself in still fewer words could be the reason; but the tweet does get stretched far too longer than what it allows.

At one point, exceeding character limit became a common thing as a result of which new apps were introduced.

We have created this post for people who sometimes find it impossible to fit and convey their message within the given limited characters. When you face a situation like this, you’d have noticed the Twitter would just not allow you to send the entire message and you’d get stuck.

I am sure most of you would have heard about messaging services like TwitLonger and Twishort that help you to break down such long sentences into shorter sentences and they provide you with a hyperlink to access the same. However the flip side of availing of this kind of service is that your twitter followers or community while reading these long tweets is that they will need to exit from their existing platform and go on an external web browser if they wish to go through your entire tweet. This is a pretty roundabout complicated situation; which once people understand will generally prefer to avoid.

If you like your tweets to be long; and feel you need more words to express yourself clearly; and use this services frequently; there is a chance that people who genuinely appreciate what you write and find it useful, also won’t prefer to read your tweets because it requires an additional action on their part; that of exiting the existing browser they are on and switching to a new one. Not many are game for it on the net, where the reader is already known for his/her short attention span.

To combat this problem a new service called Tall Tweets was introduced. It is a simple web application which is programmed to break your long tweet into several smaller tweets of 140 characters each or less and then publish them one after the other on your twitter page.

These tweets are numbered and placed logically. Suppose your long tweet gets broken into three tweets then the last tweet will be at the top of the page This reverse placement of tweets helps the readers and followers to read them in correct sequence from top-to-down inside. Once people learn about Tall tweets they get their minds tuned to reading the tweets in the correct sequence minimizing the chances of any kind of confusion while absorbing the information.

For those who are interested in using this service have to simply sign-in with their Twitter account details; create or write a tweet and hit the publish button. If you have used live links or hyperlinks in your tweet, twitter is programmed to shorten the URL with the help of bit.ly. This application uses Oath which means the user does not have to worry over sharing his/her account credentials outside.

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