There Are Some Legitimate Work at Home Jobs with No Startup Fee

While looking through the employment pages on the internet, I have discovered all the work at home schemes. Since I know there is legitimate work at home jobs then I kept digging until I found them.

The reason that I know there are legitimate work at home jobs is a friend of mine works for Dell Computers as a tech support. She has worked for them for approximately 10 years and she makes $80,000 a year plus a benefit package. She works 5 days a week and she has time to go out with friends and vacations. She can live anywhere in the United States that she wants and work in her pajamas. So I had to find these types of jobs.

I searched many sites. Most of the work at home jobs were schemes that wanted you to pay them anywhere from $19 to $99 to enroll as the startup fee, then you have to find other suckers that will pay you for the same information that you received. It is like the Faberge commercials. “I told 2 friend and they told 2 friends and so on and so on”. This usually get you no where fast. You will find this on most sites like Craigslist and Monster until someone flags them.

I found a couple of legitimate jobs on An example of one is Alpine Access Jobs. This sight has jobs from customer support to tech support. They will take you through an employment process that test your computer and phone system. You will also answers a few question to see if you are suited for their jobs and after that, if you qualify, they will schedule a phone interview with you. This is a group interview with you and about 6 others. They will test your computer again at this time and the interviewer will determine if you qualify to move on to their training. They will alert you about this approximately 3 to 5 days later.

Another site that I found is TeleTech. They are recruiting for many type of positions from customer service to analyst in many different states and countries. TeleTech is very diverse. You can live anywhere and they have many shifts. The hiring process is similar to Alpine Access Jobs but not as rigid. You will see if your computer qualifies on your own and once you determine this and agree to an interview, the next step is following their instructions to download a Workstation for your computer. This will be sent to you in an email with instructions. Follow these instruction to the T. Once that they see that you qualify and can follow instruction then they will email you with an offer. This is the job that I am taking for myself as a customer service representative.

With both of these jobs, you are an employee not a contractor as most of the illegitimate jobs are. Accordingly with your qualification, you will start at $9 per hour or more and you will be pay every 2 weeks.

More and more work places are opening up work at home divisions of their companies. I have a friend that works for Sprint in Dallas, TX but his office is in his home is Euless TX. My husband works for Texas Instrument and he works from home 3 out of 5 days of his work week. This allows them to be with their families more often and in my husbands case, sleep later in the morning. With the changing times and rise in gas prices, then we will see this work at home trend more and more.

I am taking the job with TeleTech and I am looking forward to growing with this company. I am also looking forward to being here in the morning to see my daughter off to school and being around when she comes home in the afternoon. This is her last year at school, so next year she is off to college so by taking a work at home job at this time will allow us to spend that quality time that will be gone shortly. My husband also like that instead of sitting in traffic, I am here and have time to cook dinners and do house work that we both neglected while working outside our home. Also by example, my daughter now knows how to earn a living at college that leave her time to study.

I hope this give you the incentive to reach out and search for your work at home job and share the conveniences of working at home. Check it out for yourself or tell your friend that are looking for a job. Remember not to put out any money for any job. If it is legitimate then it will be free and they will pay you. Good luck to all of you and come back for my next installment.

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