Things You Can Do on FaceBook

Facebook is a necessity for many people right now. Almost everyone has a Facebook account.  It is the most popular social networking site in the whole world and it is given that title for a reason. There are a lot of fun things you can do on Facebook. I am sure that you will find using Facebook very advantageous for yourself or for your business.

1. Communication

This is the main function of the site. It allows you to connect with people especially with your friends. You can add them as friends. You can also try searching for your long lost best friends whom you miss so  much. My mom actually found her high school friends through Facebook  and now she is amazed on how far her old school friends have gone. Most of them have been successful and the best part about this is that they can call for a reunion.

The great thing about this is that it is free. Talk all you want or chat all you want and you will only pay for computer rentals or for the monthly internet bill. This is a great way to cut off phone bills. You can also message them so it also acts like Yahoo. You can also like pages from your favorite artists, games, or anything and you will be updated with their latest activities. This is also the same with your friends. You can see what they are doing in the news feed. You can also chat with them if they are online. Plus, you can see their photos and videos in their profile.

You can also secretly stalk your crushes. This might sound creepy but lots of people do that. I am not one of them just to let you know. Just do not be so obvious. If you like every status and photo of theirs, you would be announcing to all your friends that you like this person. This is the main objective of some people but your crush will surely be creeped out and won`t like you. So be careful and be calm.

2. Advertising

You can advertise your site there for free! You can make a page for your business, website, or product and you can update the latest happenings about it. You can post things like promos, events, or new articles, etc. You just need to wait for people to like your Facebook fan page. This page updates your fans and loyal subscribers. The number of Facebook likes you have will increase your business` credibility. This would not be hard if you really give something which is great. If you are a musician, this is also great. You can post your videos here too.

You can also pay for advertising. This is a great way to get more traffic even though only few people click advertisements on Facebook because those few people who will click on your ads are very interested about your business.

You can also promote your affiliate links which your fans will see.

3. Games

This is the number one reason why I have a Facebook account. I love playing their games! I specially love Tetris Battle because it is so competitive and it also makes you smarter in lots of ways even if we do not notice it.

You can also be the one to make the games in Facebook. If your game becomes popular, you will surely be rich. Tetris Battle has millions of monthly active users and think of how much you could earn if you put advertisements or sell products in your game? This is a great way to generate passive income. It is just like creating iPhone apps but you get a larger audience here.

4. Earn Money

You can earn money by working for Facebook. There are lots of work you can apply for like designing, engineering, etc. You can also sell Facebook likes and sponsored posts. You can offer these services through Fiverr. Services in Fiverr related to Facebook which are getting sales are:  pretending to be your flirty girlfriend or boyfriend by posting statuses, being your friend`s stalker just for fun by posting a video on your friend`s wall, and the Facebook likes.  These are great ways to earn money by just having fun.

5. Get Answers

If you have questions, you can ask your friends in Facebook by simply posting a status. Everyone will immediately see it. If you want to know the number of someone or if you want to know where is the best Chinese restaurant near you, your friends will surely answer them.

Facebook is really a gift to mankind. It has helped people in a lot of ways. It is very easy and free to create a Facebook account. You really must have one.

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