Top 10 Stunning Plugins For Better WordPress Performance

The number of people who are created using WordPress a visually and technically advanced website is constantly growing. What can we explain this popularity? First, the handling is not difficult or complicated for laymen, on the other hand, the user has innumerable so-called plug-in, which allow individual page design and adapt to the needs of users. Plugins go beyond the purely visual customization: They help increase the webmaster to manage his side, whose reputations and facilitate interactions with other services. 
In the following paragraphs are the ten most widely used Plugins briefly. The ranking is based on the download statistics 2012th

1st : Akismet
Akismet is already included in the standard version of WordPress. It stands at the start of business users and thus explains probably the first place in the ranking. There the WordPress sites protects against spam comments and inputs, which are often automated posted in huge numbers of so-called bots under article.The entries usually have no relation to the subject of the article, take the upper hand quickly and need to be deleted permanently without plugin by hand, which increases the time and effort tremendously.

2nd : NextGEN Gallery
WordPress offers a library that no longer meet the current demands. A solution to NextGEN Gallery. It enables all the galleries are integrated into WordPress and provided with a watermark, which ultimately does offer no protection against Bilderklau, but at least you know where they’ve landed. In addition, the images are displayed as NextGEN Gallery Slideshow.

3rd: All in One SEO Pack
The optimizing a page for Google and other search engines has always been immensely time consuming.This is the “All in One SEO Pack” to. With him for individual WordPress sites can be assigned meta tags and page titles, you can create optimal. With an additional option can be determined whether and which pages should be recognized by search engines. Other functions, such as creating keywords from the tags of the page, complete the “All in One SEO Pack” in a meaningful manner.

4th: Contact Form 7
who are dissatisfied with the original contact form WordPress finds in Contact Form 7 is an extremely versatile plugin. It’s quick and easy to integrate and extremely flexible. Both the appearance and the content can be customized. It offers many advanced options, such as spelling, checkboxes and radio buttons. The user can also create and manage different contact forms.

5th : WP Touch
is a blessing in times of Internet-capable mobile phones and smartphones is the plugin WP-Touch. It is easy to use and creates a mobile version of blogs. It reduces layout and content and enormously accelerated by charging mobile phones.

6th : Google XML Sitemaps Generator
engines Pages are mainly through links. The plugin is not intended as a replacement for search engines and it is certainly a sensible and efficient extension. The search engine can search their site better for relevant data. 
to assessment and evaluation of a Web search engines use all the XML sitemap. The plugin Google XML Sitemaps Generator automatically creates the necessary XML file. Allowing the user to define the measuring key parameters self ie what content to include. In addition, the plugin automatically generates the XML site, be content if modified or rebuilt.

7th: WP Super Cache
WordPress features, much to the delight of users, by many individual design possibilities. The downside of this freedom is that each time you access the page a plethora of database queries is produced. The more requests to take place, the slower the system. 
Super Cache allows partial results cache to reduce the number of hits on databases and thus relieve the system significantly, which has a positive effect on the load times. Shorter charging times lead to a better evaluation by search engines.

 8th: Post Video Players
The Library of WordPress will no longer meet today’s standards. 
This plugin “Post video player” creates professional help. In addition to a subsequent image processing and individual design options, photos can be presented as a slideshow. The user can change the size and colors and create your own texts. To each picture or video and subtitles can be written descriptions. “Post Video Players” also supports all web-enabled mobile phone formats and is great for video and photo blogs.

9th: 301 Redirection WordPress
Who with its website accessible under a new domain name is or who renames his side needs a forward, to continue to be found. “WP 301 Redirection” is the appropriate plugin. It is easy to use and even laymen have no problems with. Particularly important is the forwarding if the original URL was linked externally. Finally, visitors will not be in vain. With the “301 Redirection” also remains the ranking of the page received. This plugin is recommended by Google specifically.

10th : Twitter Button
An important plugin for all Twitter users the “Twitter Button” is. It is easy to use and still allows an individual configuration. 
Users can leave the default settings, but it can just as easily set the tone. So it is possible to have the button appearing on certain pages to vary its position within the site and to determine its appearance. It can be used also for your recommendation via Twitter and it can be linked to the Twitter account

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