Twitter Strategy – Why Tweet, When You Can Roar

This one’s a fast paced post where I’ve discussed practical & useful tip-offs to improve effectiveness of your tweets. Every point is fitted within the Twitter’s word limit of 120 characters!

Twitting is a micro-blogging tool that can add a 100 horsepower engine to your online marketing efforts; whether it’s your blog, website, forum, whatever. News and hot topics spread like fire and find an audience within seconds of happening.

Let’s understand one thing, that if Twitter was of little or no use, we would not see so many eminent (read successful) people using the medium so consistently. The fact is Tweets add HORSEPOWER to your efforts to achieve online goals; and can change your success quotient; provided you learn to Tweet correctly.

Twitter has changed the way searches happened on the net and has created demand for real-time search engines.

Ensure your twitter Handle, i.e. username, is short, and represents your brand and is easy to remember.

Twitter Handle, your customized URL, is your static id for future indexing; it helps various cross-channel promotions.

Your Twitter account name can be your own name, company, or brand; but should read different from your twitter handle.

Your twitter account name will appears next to your profile; make sure they don’t read the same.

Twitter offers “Bio” space for users and provides character limit of 160.

Twitter Bio is indexed by spiders recurrently; so make sure it’s updated with relevant key phrases and brand info.

Promote your twitter id online & offline; integrate it within your site’s Global Footer; consider offline options too.

As you tweet, the key phrases most critical to the business or campaign you are promoting should be placed in beginning.

When spider indexes Title Tags of a tweet it takes first 42 characters into consideration including account name.

However entire 120 characters are also indexed by spiders at regular intervals. Start tweet with your main keyword.

When you tweet, use common lingo related to your business; but do keep the message and its long term impact intact.

As you tweet these buzzwords, keep their long term index relevance & leverage in mind, lest they get outdated or replaced.

Tweet within 120 characters to generate more followers, re-tweet, thrive, flourish, & get widely circulated and read.

Your tweets should include back-links that help can readers to find your link; choose to use shortened URL via Bit.Ly etc.

Link backs in tweets should always be aimed at offering better experience & information to the reader seeking it.

Build Twitter community by exchanging posts using URLs in the posts; URLs in the URLs; or keywords in the URLs and so on.

Connection between what people search online and social media is strong and natural.

Online entrepreneurs have realized the importance of social media as a significant traffic driver.

Reliable & genuine Tweets improve brand reputation & online presence; as Google considers tweets in search results.

If you can think of more Twitter Strategies and Tips, feel free to contribute.

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