Update Your LinkedIn Profile and See Traffic Improve on Your Blog

Whether it is about selling, buying, or looking for some kind of employment online, whatever it is, one thing is certain, that we are all looking for organic traffic to find us, our sites, blogs, and get people to use our products and services.

We use all sorts of vehicles to market ourselves; our blogs; websites; and forums. Most of us start with organically optimizing our sites to DIY marketing campaigns, to hiring people to do it for us; to creating and putting up videos, to undertaking paid ad campaigns. In short, we leave no stone unturned to enjoy our share of sun. I forgot to mention the social media amidst all this chaos, that’s one big noise we don’t forget being part of.

There is so much noise out there, so much competition, and so little time to keep up with everything. As we know the rules of the game on the net keep on changing; and we are expected to keep up with and apply only what’s latest and what will work.

Amidst this `new, updated, current’ chanting we conveniently forget about the old classic evergreen methods and boards. One such platform is LinkedIn. How many of us seriously think about exploring the possibilities that may be lying hidden over there? Not that we are not aware that its one place that means business and serious networking.

I happened to find LinkedIn results in my searches a few months ago and since then I have been after the medium; observing it from every possible angle; from far and near. Its awesome and has grown over the years; and when I say grown I don’t mean number of users; I mean the kind of content that I am finding on it was not there until a few years ago; the kind of conversation and discussions that are happening over there have to be seen to be believed.

The big question is if so many people are out there sharing their needs and expertise so honestly and openly why can’t we identify our costumers and direct them to our site? Yes we can, provided we do not take LinkedIn lightly and accept that it works.

I am sure most of us reading this page have an account in LinkedIn where half-heartedly crafted resume may be lying unattended for a while. This shows how serious we are about the medium. However it’s never too late for a positive change. Rectifying a mistake takes very little time, its only realisation that takes long to arrive.

Anyway so here we are fixing the flaws – first of all re-work on your resume and make it sound and read better; you should feel good about yourself after reading it.

Once you are done with it, start networking with the right kind of people. On the side start becoming part of relevant groups. You should also make it a habit of updating your account and status frequently.

If you are feeling in control you should also start your own target group. This is a critical step that helps you build a network of people within the platform. You can find innovating ways to network with people and add new, plus keep in touch with everyone by sending them helpful links regularly.

This gives an impression that you are an active professional on a look out for and sharing interesting stuff. Even if people don’t read everything you send they will know who you are; make sure you project a no-nonsense image and send only relevant high quality stuff.

In your profile when it comes to mentioning our site or blog always use an optimized text for it; it’s better than going generic and therefore bland or repetitive. If its call to action anchors text it should read well and sound compelling. Its called customizing your links. Don’t forget to add blog plug-in to your profile which will help your latest articles or additions to show on them. This link will give one more reason for people in your group to visit your site or blog.

God knows for how long and since when you might be ignoring LinkedIn, please wake up and do something about it and see how things change for you. I have got my biggest connections and most authentic business projects via LinkedIn.

People who approached me by seeing my profile on LinkedIn were so focused on getting their work done, that there was hardly any exchange of communication required on either of our parts. Even when my profile was imperfect people approached me, and when several of them in a row did it got me thinking and I went all out to explore the platform. It’s a great way to build your profile, business, confidence, and reputation.

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