Use Social Media at Its Best

Not many people know that social media can not only be entertaining but beneficial as well. On the top of the music sharing, there are many people interested in valuable information and a brand can be built on the internet using social media sites. It is however, true that many marketers abuse and misuse these platforms, but some others get them right and benefit from the free exposure for free. The below introduction is provided for people just starting with online promotion through social media and would like to increase their online visibility.


Facebook pages can become popular and creating one of them is simple. Creating a page is the first step, but if the page is not integrated in the site, it is not worth much. The point of having a business page on the site is to improve communication with potential customers and allow them to sign up through the site. There are many tutorials published online, even on the Facebook Developers Page. There are three different options: build apps, build for mobile and build for websites. There is a simple code that can be inserted in the site to allow users to log in with their Facebook account and Like Button code to be placed in the sidebar. There is also a HTML resource center for webmasters to help them customize the features offered by the site.


The social media site Twitter is not only the playground of celebrities and teenagers. It offers great business solutions and the simple search facilities within the site. Some authors say that a business must have a Twitter account for social media success. There are some simple steps to follow when signing up as a business, though. Selecting the username has more importance than some people would think. It either needs to be the name of the business, if it is an established brand or a keyword rich name. Likewise, the description of the profile needs to have the main keywords in it, in order to allow other users to find it. Next, it is also important to pay attention to the design of the page. There are some default themes on Twitter to choose from, but a custom background with the logo can also be designed. The guideline with Twitter (just like every other social media site) is that content posted needs to be relevant and over-promotion needs to be avoided.


MySpace is not dead, despite the fact that some people have written it down. It still has many new members every day, and it is extremely easy to advertise using videos or other content. The best thing is that it allows users to provide business information and even URL-s in the profile and their posts, too. The “About Me” section should be used to provide an overview of the company and its services, while the “Who do I want to meet” should describe potential customers. The interests provided should be relevant to the profile of the business. One of the most powerful features of MySpace is still the blog section, and if enough people follow the posts, it can be made popular and attract new customers through the sharing features of the site. The business page layout should also feature the company logo and slogan.


LinkedIn is considered to be one of the most professional-oriented social media sites on the internet. It is very simple to create a company profile, set up users and employees, post jobs and brag about achievements. Networking is easy, and finding people or associates in the same business area is made simple by the site. A showcase of services or products can also be published, and there are several detailed tutorials published at to help people with the process.

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