What Are the Right Attitude before Making Your Own Business

Making Your Own Business

Many people today decided to have another option to sustain their financial needs.  One common form of option is to have our own business. I find it very surprising because some people who have stable jobs or even in a corporate world, still looking for options. Some are lawyers, engineers, doctors, employees, architect, bankers etc.  Having a job is a great source of income.  But why they want more?  Probably, it is because it’s not enough.  I learned some attitude that we need to have if we want to have our own business. Here it is what I have learned.

  •   A Dream – Sometimes, the difficult thing to do is to decide what you want to become.  Maybe it is because of unbelief that you have the potential and the ability to change.  They say that to dream is very easy, because the only free in this world is to have a dream in life.  But to decide to become what you are in your dream is clearly up to you.  You have to act now; otherwise your potential will be stagnant.  Your dream will give you power and motivation to do it. Who knows, by acting right away, you might be a blessing to others.
  •   Self-search – Lots of young people today doesn’t have the privilege to finish college.  It is because of poverty or maybe their parents cannot sustain their educational needs anymore.  But it doesn’t mean it is the end of the world, a ray of hope is always there if you diligently search for it.  But my point here is, never stop searching for an opportunity.  You need an opportunity, not the other way around.  Opportunity will come unexpectedly sometimes, just in time when you need it.  Search for an opportunity where you can grow personally and spiritually.  An opportunity that will teach us a lot of things that school didn’t taught.  It taught me how money will work for me.  I am not saying I am greedy or lovers a money.  I need it to sustain my family’s need.  This is what I have found after several years of searching for the best.  In my small business right now, it taught me how to build it effectively and successfully.  They taught us a proven system to develop and grow in business.  It has less risk and good potential option.  If I stop searching, I would have found this opportunity.
  •   Educate Yourself –  Later years in your life, when you are in the real world, Self – education can be acquired.  In business, you can educate yourself.  There are learning styles today when you want education.  You can enroll online to some universities that offer online training or education, you can even have a degree if you would like.  Some employees even got their master’s degree from online learning. In business, if you want to pursue it, you can do it even without enrolling yourself in schools or in universities.  You can have an education in business provided that your business model offers you that.  You can educate yourself by buying books, you can educate yourself by associating successful people or the right people, you can take note of their ideas, you can listen the struggles that they had been through before they become successful and how they manage their disappointments, and you can listen there success stories.  You can educate yourself by downloading some videos of successful people, you can learn from them.  You can educate yourself by buying audios cd’s or videos of successful people who work their brains out how to become more effective in their business.  We can learn from this people.  They are focused and committed.  It is the right attitude when you plan to build your business.
  •   Change Your Belief –   Some people do not want to work on their dream, is perhaps it is not attainable.  If it is attainable, they don’t have the belief that they can do it.  You can change your belief that you can have the chance to have a better life; you can change your belief that you can take control of your life; you can change your belief that there are better ways to improve your life.  It takes courage to change a life.  And most of all, you can change your belief that God will always support you whatever your plan is if you only believe in Him.
  •   Make a Decision– A plan is useless if you don’t make a decision to take action of your plan.  The sooner you’ll make your decision, the better would be.  For every five dreamer, there is only one who can make that decision.  Some people will just think of their circumstances and make it a reason that they cannot do it.  It is too difficult for them.  A friend told me and encourages me when I start my own business; he said that difficulty is just inside your brain.  Don’t let it stay in your head forever because you can’t grow with that kind of mentality.  Will, my friend is right. I commend him for that.  Sometimes, for us to become successful, we need to get out of the boat if we must walk on water.
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I am currently a hospital employee , hopefully by using this method of sharing my experience would be a blessing to others. I am humbled to be a part of this environment.

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