What Blogging Platform Should You Use?

Blogging platforms are one too many on the Internet these days. From little blogs hosted on WordPress.com where people talk about politics to huge, famous blogs on Blogger.com by bloggers who talk about beauty, real facts or things that are interesting. But sometimes, variety is not the best thing to have because then you will have trouble making a choice!

Therefore, in this article today, we will be touching down on the many blogging platforms available, mainly the ones that are most known by people. By doing so, you will be able to see the benefits of using that particular blogging platform and know which blogging platform you should use instead of using the wrong one, posting hundreds of posts over years and realising it does not have the function you badly want after that. Then you switch and your hits are gone, posts just do not have the touch anymore and it becomes all a disaster.

So here goes!

Blogger allows private or multi-user blogs to be created on its website. It is owned by Google, with blogs ending with .blogspot.com. This simple blogging platform is perfect for people who wishes to write down their thoughts and daily life online without spending any money or having it too customised. Blogger has premade templates perfect for anyone not wanting any hassle. Additionally, Blogskins.com has gorgeous templates that are perfect for personal bloggers – there are, however, layouts for bloggers of other types, too!

Additionally, being hosted on their website means less trouble in renewing your domain, and chances are, troubles that you find yourself having about it, others have it too and answers are available on the Internet or the Google Help section for Blogger.com.

WordPress, a legendary blogging platform. There are two kinds of WordPress: the self-hosted one and WordPress.com. WordPress.com is a pretty cool website, with your blog ending with .wordpress.com. It is different from Blogger as you can customise more things, from widgets to plugins to lovely themes that you can code. They have their own unique code for coding themes, so learning how to do so would be a pretty big accomplishment.

If you are a personal blogger like me who blogs about everything and anything under the sun, most of the time you would not want to get WordPress.com blogs as they are usually more for bloggers with a niche. Personal bloggers will find it pretty hard to find a cute theme or such around because most themes on the WordPress.com site itself is professional-like.

Self-hosted WordPress is just like WordPress.com, only much better. Personal bloggers will definitely enjoy using WordPress because it allows you to code your own theme and personalise it, add lovely widgets and plugins, have a huge database of themes (even ‘cute’ kinds) and have handy statistics for you if you need them through a plugin. I use WordPress, self-hosted, myself on my blog at Slumber Pretty, and I have been using it for years. It has not disappointed me, so I doubt it will for you!

Habari Project
Habari Project is a pretty cool blogging platform. It’s for you to self-host only, unfortunately, but it really is nice. It is sleek, easy to use and the user dashboard shows everything you need to know in a simple, neat way. Options are placed nicely for you so it is convenient. This blogging platform is perfect for anyone, from personal bloggers to people who need a website for their business. It is neat, simple, sleek and convenient. Perhaps some people who likes to customise their blog more (so WordPress will definitely triumph in this) might not like Habari, but people who likes a smooth ride throughout their blogging years will definitely love using Habari as their blogging platform.

They also have a database for themes which I think is pretty impressive. WordPress has it too, yes, and WordPress definitely has more themes and is more popular than Habari. However, if you want something different, something perhaps a mixture of the simplicity of Blogger.com and the cool settings of WordPress, Habari should most likely be your number one choice for blogging.

Picking a suitable blogging system for you is an essential. It definitely depends on what you prefer. For example, Blogger.com is good for people who want something simple but are still able to customise their blog slightly. WordPress is great if you want some coding knowledge, but still want to have it pretty easy for you – that is where the plugins come in, of course. Habari is the perfect choice if you want something in between, like being able to learn some coding knowledge and be more well-informed of things on the Internet but at the same time take it easy and have fun.

If I were you, I would definitely choose Habari as my first choice. However, being a loyal user of WordPress, I do not intend to switch over anytime soon unless I own a new blog. They do have a WordPress importer which would make it much easier for me, but it still is rather troublesome.

What about you? what would you choose as your blogging system’s first choice?

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