What Do I Want for Christmas?

I am not Christian and so my family and me do not celebrate Christmas. However, we have so many Christian friends. They come to visit us for Christmas, and we also visit them. They buy gifts for us and for our kids and we do the same. Therefore, I know a lot of things about Christmas and I can write about it, specially when I see some people have a hard time to organize for Christmas. They don’t know what to buy and what to do and get ready for the Christmas without any problem. That is what I have decided to write some articles that help people to enjoy the Christmas more and have less headaches.

Christmas is one of the most celebrated seasons of the year, as many people are out shopping and seeking that special one of a kind Christmas gift, for a family member, or a friend. That wonderful Christmas spirit, takes place in your home shortly after Thanksgiving, as the air is becoming a little nippy outside; as the weather reporters predict snow in their forecast.

Planning for the Christmas season is a joy, as my Christian friends who celebrate Christmas, stop by for a visit on their way, to and from their Christmas gift treasure hunts. While visiting with my friends we decided to buy an anonymous gift for one another and we planned to exchange these gifts on Christmas Eve. When I was asked the question;”What do you want for Christmas?” I couldn’t tell them, I really didn’t know. While listening to my friends talk endlessly about the many different things they wanted for Christmas, I still could not come up with anything.

Each Christmas season, is filled with so much joy from being around family and friends, as I could hardly think of anything that I wanted, apart from sharing my Christmas with them. I truly enjoy spending time in front of the fire place curled up with a good inspirational book, and the rich gourmet hot-chocolate I frequently buy during the Christmas season. As I searched for a gift I could share with my friends, I discovered a lot of simple pleasures that I would like to receive during the Christmas season such as:

  • A pair of comfortable warm house slippers.
  • A subscription to the local news paper, or a favorite magazine.
  • A copy of my favorite inspirational book.
  • A package of gourmet hot-chocolate.
  • A pair of warm gloves.
  • A homemade quilt
  • A framed portrait of family members and friends.
  • Special Christmas Ornaments.
  • Baked gifts, such as, pumpkin bread, or pumpkin pie, and pecan pie, a fruit cake, Christmas cookies in different flavors.
  • My favorite perfume.
  • Warm pajamas, preferably flannel.
  • Warm flannel sheets for my bed.
  • Bubble bath.
  • Chocolate covered cherries, and a large canister of ribbon candy, homemade hot apple cider.
  • Warm sweat pants and a sweat shirt.

Christmas joys are shared among family and friends every year, as sharing Christmas gifts offer the gift giver, and the gift receiver a celebrated event. Putting a little thought into a Christmas gift, thinking about the person you want to purchase a Christmas gift for, while asking questions such as:

  • What does he or she enjoy throughout the year?
  • Where does he or she do their shopping?
  • What movies would he or she enjoy?
  • What type of reading material does he or she enjoy?
  • What type of hobbies does he or she enjoy?
  • What foods does he or she enjoy cooking, or eating?
  • What type of music does he or she enjoy listening to?

When being asked the question;”What do I want for Christmas?” I discovered many items that were inexpensive that would be the perfect gift for me. I decided to use this same method when purchasing gifts for my family and friends in order to buy the perfect gifts for them.

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