What Is the Future of the Internet

Most people, even in USA that is the origin of the internet, still know nothing about the internet or have heard just the name. Although internet is so important, it will become more and more important in future and I am sure in the next 10 years, you will not be able to find someone who has no email address, has not ordered something through the internet, has not made any search in search engines and/or internet has no role in his life.

In fact, computer and so the internet will be the most important part of peoples’ life in the near future, even more than radio and TV, because they just give information to people but computer and internet enable people to send and receive information.

Lets take a look at the statistics and you will get realized that the future of the world’s industry and commerce will be dependent on the internet. Then I will let you know why I have focused on this subject and what I want to tell you by talking about the future of the world and the internet.

The Internet became accessible to the public in 1989. At the beginning of 1990, there were only 1.1 million internet users worldwide that 86% of them were in USA. The number of the internet users increased with the growth rate of 73% per year and so we had about 276 million internet users at the end of the 1990s.

There were 2,267,233,742 internet users worldwide on December 31, 2011.

The most interesting thing is that the number of internet users is increased by 202.9% worldwide from the year 2000 to 2007. This percentage is as high as 625.8% in Africa and 490.1% in the Middle east.

Using the above graphs, can you forecast the number of the internet users in 2015?

It is possible that it doesn’t grow as what it did from 2000 to 2007 but I think we can assume that it will grow 200% every five years. So we will have at least 3,499,295,014 internet users by 2015. It means the number of the Internet users will become at least 3.2 times after 8 years.

It is amazing, isn’t it?

On the other hand, most of the current internet users can not do anything more than sending and receiving emails, searching, browsing and chatting. They can not order anything online because they have no credit card or they can not have an account with one of  the e-currency services like PayPal, but it will not be like this in the next 5 to 10 years.

Many of the internet users will become able to do more through the internet, and so, e-commerce will grow even more and faster than the number of internet users. Millions of products and services will be bought and sold and billions of dollars will be transacted through the internet. Millions of new domains will be registered and so millions of new websites will start working.

Investors will invest more and more on the internet companies’ stocks and these companies will become richer and richer. People will become more dependent on the internet and all the organizations and companies will do most parts of their works through the internet.

I do not want to judge about the future of the “internetic” world and say if it will be a bad and dark or a good and brilliant world, and I am not among those who believe that internet is the best solution for the human, environment and earth problems and will act like the “Serendipity” that changes the human life and eliminates all the problems and issues. The Internet will have its own advantages and disadvantages like all other human inventions.

Something I am trying to say is that if you are a businessman, internet marketer or someone who likes to use and try new things, methods and tools, or if you think about creating a business in future, internet is the best option and you should not ignore it. The future of the World’s business and commerce is in the internet hands. People will dive in the internet ocean and you should also be able to swim in it too. You should get ready and equip yourself to be a part of this big and international business.

The Internet will be a big international business and you can be part of it by having a website or weblog or participating in websites like eBay, FaceBook and… . You should reserve your seat in this immense stadium now. It will be too hard or too late to do it when there are over 200 million websites. It will be even too hard to register a good and short domain name because all of them will be taken by the others. So act now, or never.

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