What Is Your Website SEO Score?

Before I start the post I want to share something about myself with my readers – My post may look exaggerated to some of you, but believe me, it is not. I earn my living online through my websites so I am all for focusing on your site and doing everything you can to give it a perfect ten status.  If you ask me I can give you a hundred reasons why you should work towards making your site a perfect place for people to enjoy their stay and get help.

I am not saying it is going to be easy but yes I can confidently say I have found my space (after some hard work indeed) and feel extremely happy in it AND SO CAN YOU.

Is it so important, after all?

To know whether having a perfect website is really as important as it is made to sound; or is the perfect bit, like they say a mere state of mind; or is it an exaggerated aspiration; OR something every website owner should seriously consider having….to know the answer  let us view the following facts:

Dear Readers, Please read this:

World Wide Web is a market that is open and active 24 hours a day – 365 days a year; remaining super active every minute of the hour.

There is always someone buying something; someone selling; someone watching a Video; someone  downloading music, someone attending a course online, someone dating or chatting up a friend or cousin; someone negotiating a deal; someone transacting a business; and a million things more.

All in all the World Wide Web is where the maximum action is happening; and it’s being used by millions of people across the world every second.

Now dear readers, please answer these questions:

Doesn’t World Wide Web sound like a powerful medium?

Can you afford to ignore it and not be a part of it?

And if you are already there, shouldn’t you be taking advantage of it?

If you agree with the facts stated above and your answers to the questions are in YES NO, & YES it means that you believe that your website should work towards scoring a perfect ten.

What Does It Mean For a Website to Score Perfect Ten?

A blog or site with a perfect ten scoring will help a site in the following ways:

  1. It all starts with creating the Perfect First Impression for your website.
  2. A perfect website will help you build trust with your targeted clients which will strengthen your customer loyalty in the long run.
  3. A Perfect Blog will help you to expand your client base.
  4. It will help you stay ahead of your competitors.
  5. A perfect blog is the one which instead of positioning itself in the market; will create a position for itself in the minds of its prospective audience which will improve website’s brand recall.
  6. A perfect blog or site will constantly be working to expand and extend its reach.
  7. A perfect blog or a site will always be open to adding new streams of income by considering diversifying its operations.

How Can a Website Achieve the Perfect Ten Status?  

Don’t Be Eager to Please Everyone – Know Who Your Client is & Keep Him Happy.

(i) When you create a website to share information; or sell knowledge, software, products, or services through it; your success will be greatly influenced by how well you understand who your target client is, & how well do you know him.

The more clearly we are able to define our targeted customer, the less we will grope in the dark, wasting time pleasing people who don’t matter. Once we are clear about (i) our product; (ii) the people who are likely to use it; and (iii) their expectations; we can focus all our efforts, energies and innovations to keep them happy.

The 1st rule For Perfect Ten Website is:

A Perfect Ten Understanding of Your Product – As Well As – Your Buyer

(ii) Next, the design and content on your site should come easy on the eyes and mind of your client. Too many links, images, flowery content etc does not work. It is important that we give space to the visitor to breathe in peace, and think.  On the whole, home page content should be concise, informative and yet compelling.

Our home page can talk about (i) what the business offers; (ii) how can it help the client; (iii) our contact Information (iv) Links to various Resource Pages

The 2nd rule For a Perfect Ten Website is:

Precise Information + Perfect Navigation

(iii) If we can succeed in holding a client’s attention, we are already half way there. And if we know our client it is not something impossible to achieve.

Let us understand this whole thing with the help of an example. Suppose if we know that our site is offering full time jobs for software professionals inNevada, the rest becomes so clear, and easy isn’t it? This means we know our product, now based on that we have to target our clients? Job seekers would mostly beNevadaresidents: salary brackets will vary depending on their experience, companies offering the jobs, their educational background etc. So around this information we will be building information.

Our home page can talk about the above aspects; our resource pages like about us, testimonials, terms of employment, contact page, etc can talk about who we are; procedures and principals we follow for arranging them to bring together on a platform; setting up interviews; our address etc.  Every aspect should be addressed in a language and tone that our potential customer can relate with; while he is on our website, talking with us, he should feel safe, at ease, and not being pushed into buying something. This feeling will build trust. The way we answer their queries also becomes very important. It should be an interaction that sounds human, and not automated and impersonal.

The 3rd rule For a Perfect Ten Website is:

Our Communication Should Be Able to Build Trust

(iv) Our blog should be SEO compliant. Whether it’s a dating blog, business or music blog, whether it has images, Videos or plain content, it should be search optimized with right keywords with a perfect ten marketing plan on the side in place.

Once the shop is ready – i.e.

(a) We know the product inside out,

(b) We know the profile of people, who are likely to use it,

(c) We place the information on blog or website along with the information that may be necessary for establishing trust with our potential client.

Once content is in place, we optimize the blog. At this stage the blog or site is ready to be uploaded on the net. But before doing that, A Perfect Ten Marketing Plan will be worked upon – a marketing plan that is specially designed for our market, our product and our client.

The 4th rule For a Perfect Ten Website is:

Optimization & uploading of blog or site; With Perfect Ten Marketing Plan in place

Remember one thing – whatever software that you may have installed and used for designing / optimizing the website; whichever high end experts you may have hired for bringing your blog together, remember that finally your website will be serving the real human beings, so make sure you deal with them at human level. Reply to them, thank them, help them, communicate with them, and invite them to join newsletters and forums or discussion on your blog in a language that sounds human.  Be prompt. Give them a feeling that you are around & will be there as and when they need you.

If they find all this on your website, they will stay with you for a long time and even recommend you to their friends – and that’s when you can really believe that your blog has scored a perfect TEN or is at least getting there!

The 5th rule For a Perfect Ten Website is:

Be Human & be Helpful.

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