What Job Should I Do? 10 Simple Question Quiz

There are literally many thousands of different jobs available in our complex civilization. Whether you do or don’t enjoy your work is not so much a matter of the actual routine as the purpose of it. A clerk in a massive Government ministry does much the same work as a clerk in a film studio, but the former may envy the latter for his glamorous life. The counter assistant in a chain store is using abilities precisely the! same as those of a saleswoman in a Parisian fashion house, but neither would readily regard their work as interchangeable. ft’s possible you have special talents you have failed to exploit, but it is much more likely that you are in a potentially attractive job; the usual trouble is that you fail to realize what can be made of it.

1. If you inherited or won $200,000 would you:

a. retire and enjoy yourself?

b. buy or organize a business involving your pre sent experience?

c. buy a better house, lots of luxuries, bank the balance and carry on in the job you now have?

2. ‘Men must work and women must weep.’ This old proverb is:

a. true?

b. rubbish?

c. true for past generations and today’s underprivileged nations?

3. A traveller approached three workmen on a large building site and asked them what they were doing. The first man said, ‘getting 12s. an hour’, the second, ‘mixing concrete’, the third, ‘building a block of fiats’. If you had been working with those men, would your answer have been the same as that of:

a. the first man?

b. the second?

a. the third?

4. In future the ideal means of earning one’s living would be:

a. to work normal hours for three days a week?

b.  to work five days a week and have three months holiday annually?

c. to work on either system and have a second job in the spare time available?

5. You meet a pleasant family on holiday who are obviously well off. Is your first—maybe unvoiced—question about the breadwinner:

a. what does he do?

b. how much does he en?

c. does he come from a wealthy family?

6. In your opinion is the most potent source of industrial trouble:

a. the laziness of the employees?

b. the greed of the employers?

c. the ruthlessness of business competition?

7. Your first job: did you take it because:

a. a youth employment officer or other influential adult suggested it?

b. it paid better than others you had in mind?

a. it was concerned with an activity which interested you?

8. All those stories of errand boy to millionaire omit adequate details of the secret success because:

a. they fail to describe- the man’s tremendous efforts?

b. they do not mention some of his sharp, even dishonest, practices?

c. they ignore the financial backing he luckily got early on in his career?

9. The real measure of success in a career is:

a. the money earned?

b. the reputation gained?

c. the personal happiness of the person involved?

10. Most people fail to attain their ambitions of their youth because:

a. there’s not room for many at the top of the ladder?

b. only a minority are geniuses?

c. it’s hard for a human being to keep on trying?


1. a. 0, b. 5, c. 10

2. a. 0, b. 5, c. 10

3. a. 5, b. 0, c. 10

4. a. 0, b. 10, c. 0

5. a. 10, b. 5, c. 0

6. a. 5, b. 5, c. 10

7. a. 5, b. 0, c. 10

8. a. 10, b. 0, c. 5

9. a. 0, b. 5, c. 10

10. a. 5, b. 0, c. 10

If you score 90-100 there was no need for you to answer the questions; you are—and you know it—in the only job where you could both be happy and achieve success.

75-85: you are well set on a good career, but you need to forget some of those might- have-been day dreams which are not really practical.

65-80: like the majority of people, your job is just a means of livelihood, and most of the time you regard it as nothing more; you need to visualize where you could be with some extra effort in it five, ten years hence.

45-60: lack of progress is misleading you into thinking that maybe some other occupation might be more satisfying.

40 and under: work’s just a burden, isn’t it? Why not make a change to something that really interests you?

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