What Kind of Articles Receive the Highest Amount of Traffic

When you set up a new website or blog and decide to add content to it, you might think it is just the number of pages and articles that is important and that these pages/articles will help you to promote your site. You start writing or buying small articles and adding them to your site. If you are lucky, you receive some traffic through these articles; however, smaller articles will not help your website to get off the ground and really grow.

It is the same scenario when you try to promote your website through article marketing. You write or buy several small articles and submit them to the article directories or to websites like HowToee. While you might receive some back links, which may help to boost your site ranking, keep in mind that shorter articles will not fare as well nor will these articles generate as many clicks by way of the search engines—at least, not for some time. Search engines such as Google tend to favour and rank higher quality articles.

Smaller articles do not attract as much reader-attention and engagement nor do they generate back links from other websites—and people are less likely to post comments. Therefore, even if these articles receive initial traffic, it will only be for a limited time; and soon, you’ll find they’ve been buried under stronger and better content.

What’s the Solution and What Kind of Articles Receive the Highest Amount of Traffic?

The answer is found in what we call “pillar articles.” Pillar articles solve the traffic dilemma. Why?

Pillar articles are big articles, sometimes over 6000 words, focused on a special topic. Search engines love to index and rank pillar articles because these are detailed and rich in content and there’s a higher probability that search engine users will find answers to their questions by reading these longer articles. Search engines, especially Google, strive to provide quality search results and pillar articles are a proven platform to that end. Many factors determine ranking. The volume of quality content and also the time a reader spends on a page are two important factors. If visitors spend more time on a page, Google concludes the page is informative, offers a better user experience, and that readers stand a better chance of finding answers to their questions. The result? The page will be ranked higher. Naturally, readers spend more time on pillar article pages because it takes longer to read and understand them, in comparison to shorter articles.

Another plus is that pillar articles receive more back links from other sites. Webmasters and bloggers have a tendency to link to authoritative pillar articles, which helps these articles rank higher and higher every day. I’ve placed pillar articles on my other sites that receive over 1200 unique visitors per day. Can you imagine? Just one single page receives 1200 unique visitors per day. What if I wrote 1000 articles like that? I would have 1.2 million unique visitors each day!

Of course, writing good-quality pillar articles is not easy and it takes a lot of time. But it pays off over the long-term.

If you want to promote your website through article marketing, which is a perfect method of promotion (think: back links and traffic), you should focus on pillar articles. If you write a comprehensive pillar article and post it to HowToee or to article directories, you’ll receive thousands of clicks every month. And if such articles are posted on your own site, they stand a higher chance of receiving a higher ranking by the search engines, as compared to smaller articles that deliver less information.

Now! A Great Offer for You 🙂

Now, let me offer you something truly special. If you write a quality “how-to . . .” pillar article about any subject of your choosing, your article will have a very special position on HowToee forever.

We’ve installed special software on the HowToee engine, which is able to link any given keywords/phrases to any given pages, on all of the pages. For example, if we set it to link the word “YouTube” to a special page, then any other pages that contain the keyword “YouTube” will link to that special page. A live example on this page is the word HowToee, which is linked to the HowToee homepage; it’s linked anywhere that HowToee can be found on this page and on other pages of this website. This is done by this same software.

What does it mean for you and the pillar articles that you will write?

If you write quality pillar articles around special topics, we will set the software to link to your articles from each and every other page of the site. For example, if you write a pillar article about SEO or search engine optimization, we will set the software to link to the “SEO” and “search engine optimization” keywords/phrases in your pillar article, from any other pages that contain these keywords/phrases. Naturally, your article will not be the only SEO-related article posted on HowToee and we may publish many other SEO-related articles, posted by other authors; however, all of these will be linked to your pillar article. This means your pillar article will be the core and center of SEO on HowToee and it will receive tons of clicks every day, both by HowToee readers and also through the search engines. Your pillar articles will also be linked to from all other on-topic articles posted in the past or any articles published in future.

Are You Ready to Occupy the Best Spots on HowToee Forever?

If you answered yes, then start writing pillar articles about any topic you want. Keep in mind that your articles should be of high quality to merit being linked to by the other pages at HowToee. Try it and enjoy the traffic you will receive for the rest of your life.


  1. I think this the clearest explanation (of how it all works) I’ve read so far. Other sites I have visited provided the concept but lacked a bit of important direction. I’m looking forward to join soon. Keep it up!

  2. I would like to write articles for money. Please write me and help me get started on the right foot and do well and earn some good , good , money please, please ?

    from Nanette T.

  3. It appears you have a good concept that stands out from whats available. For a website or blog to get additional traffic from article directories, takes hundreds of articles consistently. Benefiting only the article directory. Have signed up and look forward providing you with solid content.

  4. I’m confused by this. 6,000 words? Everything that I have read on writing good articles online suggests that the best articles are short, concise, and to the point offering the information that people are looking for without having to wade through a bunch of excess that you don’t really need. In my own experience, if I am searching for something and I come across an article that is too long, I will skip to the next article on Google search that will tell me what I want to know in less words. I mean, I don’t have all day to read articles a mile long.

    • Hi Kelsie,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Here we are talking about the “pillar articles”. It is not possible to cover some subjects in a 500-800 words article sometimes. Unlike you, there are so many others, including me, who look for pillar articles when they search. I remember the best article I read when I started my online business, was a 7000 word article about driving traffic to the websites and promoting them through free methods. That article was the best guide that helped me to start and promote my online business. I am not saying that shorter articles are useless. Some topics can easily be covered in short articles. It is good to know that the most recent Google changes also gives more credit to the detailed articles, because they help the Google searchers better. This is what Google says about the most recent changes that is still ongoing:

      “It will provide better rankings for high-quality sites – sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.”

      • I have found that rules for writing articles for the web do vary. Kelsie is right, in that a lot of people skip over the longer articles, as it is difficult to focus for any period of time on a computer monitor. It has a lot to do with the quality of the light from the monitor, and the angle you sit in front of your desk. However, our HowToee guy here is also right, in that a well written article that contains some real information, and not just a rehash of what everyone else says, will attract readers.

  5. hi,

    I will be launching my travel website with booking engine, I am looking to
    promote my site, can HowToee help me on this?

    What is the best way to promote a new site?


  6. thanks i think i ll soon begin writing and submitting good articles here including medical stuffs,educative etc

  7. Hi!

    I have signed up and I am eager to start writing a pillar article; however, I am curious if there is a special link to enter to begin this process, or am I just beginning a new post in the post section? Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.


    • Hi Jodi,

      You can start a new post and save your article in your HowToee account, until you complete it and submit it for review for approval. It is recommended to have a copy on your Computer hard disk, and when the article is finished, you just submit it to HowToee.

  8. Hi Vahid: Thanks for this very informative and important article. I have been evangelizing about pillar articles for quite some time–to just about anyone who will listen! (although I call them something else.) This is one of the most comprehensive write ups I have seen.

    At my company, weghostwrite.com, however, we have chosen to write pillar articles that are shorter in length, but with a razor sharp focus. We do this by researching and drilling down to topics that people are already searching for, and that have actual traffic associated with them. And then we write 5 articles on the top five questions asked in each niche. We feel that this makes it more financially viable for clients, and creates a nice accumulative/authority effect on the search engines in a short time. I myself have, for example, ranked a personal blog in top 15 of Google for a competitive term, just using this strategy in about a week.

    BUT. I am very intrigued by your “long form” strategy. Clearly it helped you start up and has worked for you. If you were pressed to render an opinion: how well do you think that a cluster of well-researched pillar-type short. related, articles with credible research citations and links, plus cross linking, perform against normal articles and long-form articles? With 7K words ,aren’t we creeping in mini-report or e-book territory? And how would one make it financially viable for the average web site owner, or blogger?

    Anyway. My apologies if I have taken up a bit of space–I am a bit obsessed with learning all thing related to my work and business! 🙂

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    • Hi Chet,

      Thank you for your comment and glad to see you here at HowToee.

      You are right. 6-7000 words articles is not something that everybody is able to do, or can afford to order. If someone is really expert in something, writing these kinds of articles will be a piece of cake and will not take more than a day to write one. For example, here I have a 7565 words article that took me about a day to write, and less than a day to edit, while I am not a fast writer:

      Now if we compare the result, we will see that pillar articles will have much better results in long term, even if you update your blog with one pillar article per week. As I explained above, I have pillar articles on some of my other blogs that receive over 1200 unique visitors per day. I have never seen such a huge traffic to be generated by the ordinary articles, unless they receive so many comments, and so, the comments change a 500 words article to a big pillar article, which rarely can happen. Usually small articles receive a few to a few tens of comments and then will be forgotten and buried under the new posts.
      It is also the matter of search engines. Google pays gives more credit to pillar articles. This is something that they have clearly stated.

  9. I’m wondering about what would happen, if anything, if I wrote a pillar article and published it on Howtoee and on my own site. Is there any conflict of interest with doing this? Or would all pillar articles have to be new text? I’m thinking about saving time as 7000 words will take considerable time.

    Great information though, and I’m really intrigued with everyone’s comments. Thanks

  10. hi Mr. Vayid, I am so grateful that I already received payments from you about the 800 words $5/article program. I would like to know is, how much are we paid if we send you over pillar articles? thank you…

  11. Hello, Vahid,

    I currently have a humor blog and website. It’s not easy to come up with original content on a joke site which many others have shared their funny content.

    Is it possible do you think to still make a good chunk of money if I was to attempt to write a pillar article based on why it’s so important to laugh and enjoy life to the fullest?

    Thank you for your time and feedback.

    • Hi Bonnie,

      As you have also mentioned, you have so many topics to write about in addition to the jokes that you can post on your blog. You can write about the psychology of happiness and sadness, effect of laughter on health, and so many other things that will bring loads of traffic to your blog. You have to support your blog traffic with pillar articles.

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