What Prevents You from Achieving Happiness and Success

Before you know what prevents you from achieving happiness and success, please read the below articles and then come back to this page:

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Have you read the above articles?

You have had some advice. You have questioned yourself to obtain a glimpse of what you are really like. If the previous articles have achieved anything at all it should be to make you like what you see. If you do not it is of no use smashing the mirror in the belief that this will change the image. You cannot alter the influences of the world around you, but you can improve yourself—or, rather, identify your qualities and accept the blemishes as the mixture of good and b ad which set you aside from the angels and from the beasts, making you a human being.

Now there is really only one barrier cutting2. you off from achieving happiness and success: Delay

‘I’ll many when we’ve saved enough for a really nice home.’ ‘We’ll have a baby after we’ve enjoyed some freedom from ties and John is earning more.’ ‘Next winter I really will join one of those evening classes.’ ‘I ought to take up golf or something and get more exercise.’ ‘When we retire we hope to travel abroad.’ . . .

Do you guiltily recognize yourself in deferred hopes and dreams like these? How many promises of action tomorrow have you made as an excuse for not doing anything right away?

If you have to admit that the cap marked ‘delay’ fits; you must face the fact that the day is coming when you will be saying: ‘If only I’d done what I wanted when I was younger.’

In a minute or two you will be laying this little book aside. But the wonderful mechanism called memory has registered what you have read for all time. Your intellect may have dismissed some of the suggestions, adapted others, and accepted the remainder. That is as it should be. You are different from every other human being, and no one can identify, let alone dictate, the precise pattern of your ideal existence. You are the sole arbiter of your fate, supreme master of your soul.

But with memory and intellect serving you so faithfully, there are still your emotions to traduce you. Phobias, prejudices, neuroses, and plain cowardice will insidiously whisper, ‘Don’t!’ while intelligence cries, ‘Do!’

Don’t doubt your capabilities to achieve happiness and success. Go ahead and live. Not tomorrow, next week, next year.


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