Why a Smart Businessperson Should Take Advantage of LinkedIn Status Updates

On Sunday, August 26, 2012, Meg Weaver, editor of woodenhorsepub.com sent out her weekly newsletter. On that day her newsletter included some comments about a certain network that has been made available to business leaders. That is the network that exists on LinkedIn.

Ms. Weaver had been talking with a man named Wayne Breitbarth, a gentleman who has his own blog. In his blog he underscores LinkedIn’s significance. According to Ms. Weaver, he places a good deal of emphasis on something called status updates.

After reading the comments in that weekly newsletter, this writer decided to learn more about status updates. That effort led to the discovery of some material written by Andy Robinson. Robinson’s information brings into focus the valuable nature of the updates that Breitbarth had spoken about when talking with Meg Weaver.

A status update is part of the profile that a person puts on LinkedIn. It can be changed as often as that profiled person desires. Notice of each change gets sent to all the men and women who belong to the network of individuals put-together by the same profiled and linked-in businessperson.

Naturally, all changes get displayed on the personal profile of the man or woman who has requested the alteration. Thus, when others get notified of an alteration, each of them can examine the profile of the person mentioned in that notice. Therefore, the sending of status updates can be used as a way for communicating with others in one’s personal LinkedIn network.

Robinson has stated that the status update should be no more than 140 characters long. A comment at the end of his piece provides details on that bit of information. The update’s length must be no more than 140 characters, if the person sending that update wants it to be considered for placement on Twitter.

Robinson does an excellent job of explaining all the types of things that can be shared with others in a status update. He appreciates the extent to which the word status can relate to one’s position in various aspects of life. He offers more than one half dozen ways by which a businessperson can communicate with the members of a professional network by sending some updated facts.

The person who writes and maintains a blog ought to send out updated information on that blog. That would include facts on the title and the URL for any recent article that has been posted by that blogger/businessperson. Similarly, if the same person discovers a blog, or a news article that contains valuable information, then the link to that blog/article ought to be included in a status update.

Perhaps the man or woman who is part of a LinkedIn network runs across a quote that appears capable of motivating the efforts of a business leader. In that case, the quote should be shared with others, by means of the status update. Perhaps that same leader has been quoted in an article. That fact, too, raises his/her status, and it should be mentioned in an update.

A useful tip does not always take the form of a quote. As a business leader performs his or her everyday duties, that person could run across some useful advice, a suggestion that relates to a particular product or service. That fact should be shared with others, those who are part of the network of that same business leader. That possibility did not exist some fifty years ago, when this writer learned from her father (the vice president in charge of sales at one company) about an observation made by a salesman, during a weekly business meeting.

Perhaps the business leader has called for a major change within his/her company. If that is the case, that change could well be something that bears mention in a brief press release. Such a release could be made part of a status update.

One time this writer’s father developed a special type of display to use at another weekly meeting. Word of that display got out to the editors of a business magazine. The editors had pictures taken of that particular display. That story helps to illustrate the sorts of accomplishments that can be shared with others, by means of a status update.

Of course today, someone on LinkedIn would not be too inclined to mention pictures in a magazine. He or she would probably hope to be part of a YouTube video. Mention of such a video should then be added to the various methods by which a man or woman can keep members of a network updated on his or her status. Regardless of the method used, each of those various approaches to the updating of a profile serves as a way to communicate with others, and thus to hold open some channel that could prove profitable in the future.

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