Why Google Plus? Why Not Facebook?

When Google decided to launch a social networking platform, Google Plus, the way various discussion boards and forums took it up was beyond my wildest imagination! The force with which the login and sign up links started getting forwarded all over, its popularity should ideally have been measured on Richter scale!

On the other hand all this hullaballoo was hardly surprising; because we know, Google has earned a status of a leader and an innovator; and it manages to create curiosity even while it’s lying low without any motive. Launch of social media was indeed BIG news by any standard.

Majority of people joined as soon as they received login links. I remember being in a hurry to join too, because an inner voice told me, “Join before it closes due to oversubscription”; Imagine, inner voice and all. I mean to say the frenzy got better off everything else. Anyway slowly the anxiety mellowed and discussions started wavering,” doesn’t look like it is offering anything beyond what Face-Book already does” and so on; to each their own.

Ask me, I love being on Google Plus; to many G+ may look like Facebook on the surface except for the change in vocabulary, and the way phrases have been coined; my take is based on my own experience and therefore different. First thing, being on Google Plus I somehow feel things are more in control; could be due to the privacy feature that they have.

Good thing about Google Plus is that there are no advertisements; you can see more number of posts, if you want to follow people; no need to seek permission. Google as we know is a company has earned stature of demi-God. It can make or break your business, their various business tools, chrome, and other features help you grow and become better and more successful provided you learn to make use of them. If you are with them, they will be with you.

Another thing with G+ is that I have made lots of new friends in different parts of the world through the Circles feature; with whom I share and learn about professional sensibilities; exchange ideas; share news and information about my work, favourite music, sports, views on politics and so on; I relate to my new friends as comfortably as I related to a colleague or regular friend. The best thing is that the communication happening here helps me grow. G+ is straight forward and resourceful and above all helps you to connect with people you should know.

On Google plus I can emotionally connect with my long lost high school buddy; looking over graduation, wedding, and baby pictures and A LOT more. It all blends seamlessly & beautifully, where I find scope for personal and professional growth and intellectual satisfaction.

I am also extremely comfortable with the way it is structured. I wonder what kind of in-depth research (at psychological level) must have gone into it that as a G+ user I feel so much at ease to strike up a conversation with the guy who `looks like’ may share my interest for camera (for example) or follow a home renovation specialist! I feel no awkwardness to join a conversation mid way; without any feeling that I may be intruding. Plus, the spam free discussions here are a blessing.

To an extent I agree with people who think it gives more professional vibration that personal. After being on Google Plus I really have never had to look for any information beyond it; unless it’s something that requires massive in-depth research. Over time I have familiarized myself well with the platform and know that answers to my simple everyday questions can be found here. I personally feel pretty comfortable maintaining various circles to interact at various levels; it is possible that some people might find it difficult.

Whether I am looking for building my business or buying a cell phone or computer, or even when my Gmail account refuses to open; or as my site is witnessing a sudden drop in its page rank, I always know whom to contact, where to go looking for information; which discussion to participate in; and which discussion are happening at a advanced and higher level so to just keep a watch on and read.

Hangout on G+ is my favourite hangout. I have met and struck rapport with people I could never ever have met otherwise. What talent, what brains, what mindset, what thinking! People I met there are so interesting, and sharing a meaningful conversation and debates with them, is such an experience. Sometimes we do not know each other very well, but freely share information and exchange ideas and learn from each other. By no means can it be categorised as light fluffy soufflé style chit chat.

I am a certainly more sensible, intelligent, and active social media participant ever since I joined Google Plus. And let me tell you that with input from users like you and me, G+ has also been constantly evolving, improving and upgrading itself – technogically ( of course); socially; and emotionally. It is leaving no stone unturned to give its user better experience.

Anyway we look at it, one thing is certain; we are living in the interesting times.

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