Why Use PHP for Web Developing?

HTML websites are so limited and defective. A basic HTML website can only be used to display texts and pictures. It can not be dynamically used to communicate with the website visitors. For example, the website visitors can not post any comment and ask their questions, or reply the other visitors comments. If they want to contact the webmaster,  they will have to do it through sending email to the webmaster personal email address. You can not have a members area which can be accessible through the login form. You can not collect the visitors information like name and contact info in a database and use them to promote your products. On a basic HTML site, it is impossible to have close and dynamic interaction between the webmaster and visitors and via versa. Therefore, you need to use a programming language that makes your website dynamic, and gives all these features and abilities to your site. PHP is a programming language that is able to provide all these features. But the question is why PHP and why not the other server-side programming languages like CGI, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion and JSP?

1. PHP Is Very Easy to Learn and Use in Comparison to the Other Languages

Before PHP, programmers had to use the other programming languages like ASP.NET, CGI, Java, Perl and… . These programming languages are somehow hard and sometimes too hard to be learned and implemented easily. Many of them have terrible limitations like operating system and special server settings. When PHP came, it soon became so popular among the programmers and they preferred to use PHP instead of the other languages. Nowadays you rarely see an internet programmer and web developer who uses – for example – CGI.

PHP is very easy to learn and implement. I guarantee it for even those of you who have no programming skill that you will be able to create PHP scripts after reading my PHP articles completely (as I have mentioned here, I am supposed to write a series of article about PHP and learning it from A to Z. Today is Nov 12 and this is the second article I am writing about PHP. Hopefully I will finish it to the end. Please refer to this article for the list of my articles about PHP). However, the other programming languages are not that easy. For example, ASP.NET and CGI can not be easily learned without having enough knowledge about the other programming languages like VBScript, C#, Perl and C.

2. PHP Is a Web Developing Language

Here I am not trying to say that PHP is a perfect program that none of the other programming languages can compete with. The other programming languages like Java are much much stronger. However, here we are talking about a programming language that suits and is special for web developing. Programming languages like Perl, VBScript, Java and Ruby are strong languages, but they had not been created for web developing. But PHP is created for web development specially and is fully compatible and capable for it. There are a lot of things that can be done much faster and easier with PHP, but if you want to do them with the other languages, you will have a hard time. This doesn’t mean that PHP is better than the other programming languages in general. It is better than the others for web development because it is created for it specially. There is no doubt that the other programming languages are much more capable for doing the things other than web development.

3. PHP Is So Popular

PHP is a global and universal programming language for web developing. If you learn it, you will be able to talk in a universal language that is understandable for the web users and developers. All of the most famous web platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, Drupal, and discussion board platforms like vBulletin and phpBB, and almost all of the scripts like photo gallerias, affiliate programs management, auto-responders, and many of the big websites like Yahoo, Wikipedia and FaceBook and… are created and written with PHP.

4. PHP Is Free

You do not have to buy a license to use PHP to create and run a website. It is free.

5. PHP Is a Cross-Platform Program

PHP works on any computer (server) with any operating system including Windows, Unix and Macintosh. Moving your site from one system to another one will not be any problem and PHP can work without any modification.

6. Database Interaction

PHP can easily work with MySQL database. Having a database is a must for developing and running dynamic websites and web pages and PHP not only doesn’t have any problem with it, but it is much easier than the other programs to connect PHP to databases and store, modify and use the data.

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